Kellys Power Ranger (AKA Tour Bus) Was Vulnerable With Homophobic Slur And A Giant Penis, Here's How He Reacted

Kellys Power Ranger (AKA Tour Bus) Was Vulnerable With Homophobic Slur And A Giant Penis, Here's How ...

Machine Gun, who is still performing until mid-August before heading to Europe, received a less than stellar welcome to Omaha, Nebraska ahead of his Thursday nights concert. The one MGKs tour buses, which he affectionately refers to as the Power Rangers, was vandalized with a homophobic slur and a massive penis illustration.

A simple drawing of a penis ejaculating was tagged on the left side of MGKs red tour bus, while Rap Devil Fat was written on the opposite side. The vandalism was discovered Thursday morning before the vehicle had reached its destination, the CHI Health Center.

MGK posted an apology on Instagram while in bed to address the incident following the incident. He had this to say about the tour bus tagging:

You spray painted a bus thinking it was my bus, the wrong bus, you fucking idiot. Correct the first part of the crime, right? I wish you could have been at home, cuddling with your partner, or doing something, but instead Goddammit I just wish you could bring this dick to his hotel room and spray paint it. Oh my god, they were washed off before I even saw it, arent you? Im still in bed, I didnt even get to enjoy it.

According to the police, the spray paint was easily removed with mineral oil and did not cause any permanent damage to the "Power Ranger." A woman on Facebook uploaded a video of the penis and slur on MGKs bus early Thursday, but claims she was turned away from Machine Gun Kellys security for filming the incident while the situation was being dealt with.

Machine Gun Kelly has four tour buses that he's been rolling, one red, one yellow, one green, and one blue, according to a recent Instagram post. The one that was tagged wasnt necessarily his bus at all, even if the message was intended for him. As the newly pink-haired artist revealed, he'd been waiting around the location of the incident till the morning ahead of the tagger getting the spray paint.

Machine Gun Kelly has a lot of followers, but he has also had to remove the haters who either don't like his transition from rap to emo, his bold fashion sense, or are perhaps a little jealous of his popular Hollywood crush, Megan Fox. MGK laughed off the vandalism while he was catching up on sleep in the comfort of his hotel room ahead of going on stage Thursday night.

Machine Gun Kelly has recently starred and directed his own stoner comedy Good Mourning, and will star in the next 2022 film One Way, which will be released in September.