WATCH The Bachelors Sean Lowe Roasts His Wife

WATCH The Bachelors Sean Lowe Roasts His Wife ...

Sean Lowe, who is well-known as one of the funnyniest and goofiest leads on The Bachelor, has never lost his sense of humor since joining the show. A recent Instagram video posted by his wife, Catherine Giudici, shows him trying to imitate her to retaliate for earlier making fun of him. It's short. It's funny.

WATCH The Roasting Video

Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici) has shared a post.

Lowe, dressed in aqua shorts and a grey T-shirt, muttering, Duhrrr. I get to walk around with a bun on my head. Duhrrr. He suddenly spots a bottle of water, grabs it and pretends to drink out of it while saying, Oh, Fiji!

I imitated him first, and this is all he could come up with, according to Giudici. I walk around, I wear a bun on my head, and I drink water. Roasted.

The video was viewed by fans as funny. One Instagram user commented You guys both get A+s though for keeping your humor through your move. Keep laughing, love. The couple is referring to them moving to their new house in July.

Another fan joked, This should have been his Bachelor audition video. One fan commented, Im literally crying laughing at this, while another wrote, Want some ice for that sick BURN?!

Lowe showed America his tenacious nature during her final four weeks (hometowns) with his parents, and he made her think he still lived at home, according to some fans. The bachelorette's move may have sabotaged his career, so this year, Lowe referred to her as a sucker.

Lowe was shocked by the rejection, saying to the outlet, "Never once did I think I'd receive a rose" On his season of The Bachelor (season 17,), she wed Giudici in 2014, and they've been happily married ever since.

Always the Prankster

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Lowe makes unusual posts on social media that usually have a fan in stitches. One of his most notable posts was a program that can age anyone beyond their years. While most people use it on adults, Lowe decided to use it on his three-year-old daughter, Mia. The results were hilarious but somewhat disturbing.

Lowe posted an Instagram video in June, showing him playing dad jokes on his wife and children just in time for Fathers Day. His caption read, My jokes were clearly too advanced for the dolts listening, and the clip included cricket sounds after each joke.

The house flipper certainly has a serious side, especially when it comes to sharing his love for his wife and kids, who make up the majority of his Instagram page.