The Xbox Series S graphics might start improving

The Xbox Series S graphics might start improving ...

Microsoft released both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S consoles in tandem in November 2020. The Xbox Series X would be Microsoft's cutting-edge visual powerhouse hardware, with a price to match, while the Xbox Series S would be a more affordable option focusing on 1080p visuals. Xbox is doing everything it can to make the most of the Xbox Series S, including an upcoming enhancement that could boost the console's power.

Microsoft Game Developers confirmed that it has made a significant upgrade to the Xbox Series S that should yield positive results for games in the future. Starting from now, game developers will have access to "hundreds of additional megabytes of memory" for games that were previously reserved for system use.

Consoles use memory to perform system-level tasks. The amount of memory being used differs from console to console. For the Xbox Series S, there is just 10GB of memory, compared to the Xbox Series X, which has 16GB of memory. Game developers have only had about 8GB to use since the Xbox Series S's purchase.

What is unclear is how much memory Microsoft has given game developers to use on the Xbox Series S. Hundreds of megabytes are certainly worth recognizing. Developers will certainly utilize every megabyte provided to them to enhance their games for Xbox Series S users.

This means that Xbox Series S games, provided developers have taken the time to adjust to the additional memory available to them, should be improved over the ones they have previously. That doesn't mean that changes will come immediately, nor that the changes will be significant. However, the overall visuals may improve in many Xbox Series S games.

The Xbox Series S isn't going to be solved by unlocking a few hundred megabytes of memory, unfortunately. Microsoft chose to release a less powerful console in order to reach a wider audience, and there are plusses and minuses associated with that. It's still good that it's making an effort to improve the platform, particularly considering that the Xbox Series S won't be going anywhere for theforeseeable future.