Ellen Pompeo Wants Greys Anatomy To Change The Way It Deals With Social Issues

Ellen Pompeo Wants Greys Anatomy To Change The Way It Deals With Social Issues ...

Ellen Pompeo will probably have a smaller role in Greys Anatomys 19th season, but she still serves as Meredith Grey's executive producer, which has tackled a variety of social issues, including sexual assault, racism, addiction, and the COVID epidemic, to name a few.

Ellen Pompeo said shed prefers to alter how certain issues are presented on her podcast Tell Me (opens in new tab).

If I were to desire [to address any issues], it would be to be less, sort of, preachy in one episode about certain things. Its like we do one episode about, lets see, Asian hate crimes one we did this past season that was really moving. Id like to see things happen a little more subtly and over time. I wish we could sort of touch on these social issues that are important and relevant and have them be threads throughout.

Ellen Pompeo addressed the Season 18 episode of Stronger Than Hate, which airs on May 19, during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. The episode featured two Asian doctors Michelle Lin (Lynn Chen) and Nurse BokHee (Kathy C. An) caring for the victim of a hate crime.

Silent All These Years, one of Greys Anatomy's best episodes, discussed the process of reporting a rape, and a brief explanation of a rape kit, in the most recent season. After Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) was the victim of an assault, it was re-created on Greys Anatomys spinoff Station 19.

Ellen Pompeos point about allowing things to play out more subtlely in several episodes, but the series has already done that with a number of issues. Weve seen Richard Webbers (James Pickens Jr.) alcoholism throughout the series, as well as Owen Hunt's (Kevin McKidd) PTSD.

COVID received all of Season 17, including the first nonbinary character in Kai Bartley, and actor E.R. Fightmaster has spoken about how crucial it was to play a full character who was a love interest and a scientist, and whose whole identity did not revolve around being nonbinary.

It's hard to argue that Greys Anatomy isn't on the right track in terms of presenting a number of different stories, but it's also good to know that star and executive producer Ellen Pompeo continues to examine how to improve the program for the remaining seasons. The first 18 seasons can be streamed with a subscription to Netflix, and check out our 2022 TV schedule to keep up with all of the upcoming TV and streaming premieres.