Who won HoH in Week 5, according to Big Brother 24 spoilers? (day 30)

Who won HoH in Week 5, according to Big Brother 24 spoilers? (day 30) ...

InBig Brother 24, who won head of household this week? Obviously, there is SO much bigger stuff to come forward, whether it be the formation of the Leftovers, the Ameerah blindside, or getting a chance to see Daniel make one of the worst moves imaginable with the Veto. This season is a good one, and we dont think any alliance will be locked in 100% for the remainder of the game.

This HoH Competition is going to be the mainstay of the game's immediate future, and we had no feeling that we would know a winner until later in the evening. The program needs programming for their Sunday episodes, especially with no bonus competition or twist in there. We did see the presence of special mic picks in the storage room earlier, and that was a key indication that this comp might be more physical.

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