Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending Explained: Nothing Is What It Appearances to Be

Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending Explained: Nothing Is What It Appearances to Be ...

The following are spoilers for Bodies Bodies Bodies, a wacky slasher whodunit for a new generation, that first premiered back in March at SXSW. This is a riff on a classic party game like Werewolf, where a murderer will tap everyone on the back and kill them.

When the friends learn that someone has died, they will be exposed to a night of intense paranoia and fear that they will not recover. The film is one that pokes fun at both itself and its young protagonists in both a literal and a thematic sense, uncovering the truth behind all of the characters they have created themselves in this film. So, before you watch it, take a moment to explore everything from its tense beginning to its bloody conclusion.

The other odd person out of note is Max, who arrived last at the party, but who Alice then discovered on Tinder. They continue to play nice.

Everything begins to unravel from the moment he is discovered outside with his throat cut. First, they believe Greg must have done it and immediately confront him. Alice, then Sophie, and Sophie then approach Bee, who they believe is lying about who she is. During an argument, Alice falls off a balcony, eventually dying on the ground beneath. It is there that Sophie and Bee discover all of what led to this night of killing and violence.

Davids phone is covered in mud, yet still functioning, and he is looping a TikTok video he was attempting to make of himself cutting the cork off of a bottle of wine. He was clearly attempting to do it himself, but he falls out of the picture, and suddenly disappears. It was not just the slander that set the film off, but all the friends' own indiscretions that set it off.

This is a fun way to conclude a film because it recontextualizes everything. All of the anger we saw in the beginning, especially the extreme internet generation, is pilloried by this revelation. It uncovers how all of the characters' intelligence was twisted to the point that they couldnt see the truth before they went.