In Digimon Survive, how do you get Tentomon?

In Digimon Survive, how do you get Tentomon? ...

Tentomon is the bug Digimon that was one of the original Digimon Adventure anime's seven main Digimons, and he is returning in Digimon Survive as a recruitable party member. He is well-known for being the most logical character in the cast and helped ground his more intellectual human party in Adventure. There is a unique technique to recruit Tentomon in Survive that is not used by most other Digimon recruits.

Where is Tentomon in Digimon Survive

Tentomon can be recruited in Part Seven, but not through typical means. He isnt a partner Digimon that joins you during the story. Go to the Shrine, and interact with one of the flower clusters on your left, and you will notice something strange. Agumon may suggest using your phone camera again. Its similar to getting Gomamon in the game.

Tentomon will appear in the flowers after having a brief conversation with the Digimon. Choose the option Come with us? Youll then see you as not a threat and join your party. You will not need to fight him or anything. He joins your team under his agency.

Can you get Tentomon any other way?

Tentomon may appear in Shadow Battles if you scan the room with your camera. If you notice a distortion on your camera, engage it. The type of Digimon that appears in Shadow battles is always random. Tentomon may appear as a rare spawn in Shadow Battles, but we have yet to discover him.