Matt Smith: If You Ask Me, House of the Dragon Had a Question On The Number of Sex Scenes

Matt Smith: If You Ask Me, House of the Dragon Had a Question On The Number of Sex Scenes ...

House of the Dragon, HBOs upcoming Game of Thrones sequel, is causing much debate whether it will be able to maintain the iconic combination of Shakespearean drama, brutal violence, and no-holds-barred sex scenes that made Game of Thrones such a smash hit. Jury is still out on the first two aspects, but the latter category looks to be quite capable of exceeding expectations.

The upcoming spin-off Season 1 has received a lot of attention from the cast and crew. They are firmly convinced that they are necessary to the follow-up story being told now. However, not everyone is convinced of the idea.

Matt Smith, who plays Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon in a new interview with Rolling Stone, said he was prompted by the numerous sexual scenes he shot.

You'll be like, "Do we need another sex scene?" Smith replied. And they replied, "Yes, we do." I guess you have to question yourself: Are you representing the books, or are you defying the books in order to represent the time [were living in]? And I actually believe it's your responsibility to represent the books truthfully and honestly, as they were written.

The former Doctor Who star was open to remarking if his character has too many sexual scenes.

If you ask me, he said, yes, slightly too much.

Smith is not the first House of the Dragon team member to speak out against the sex scene debate, although on the other side. Following Game of Thrones' brutal sexual violence, House of the Dragon co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik said the spinoff had no intention of recreating sexual violence.

Sapochnik said that we would do anything to illuminate that aspect. You cant ignore the abuse that men perpetrated on women in those days. It shouldnt be minimized and glorified.

On Sunday, August 21, House of the Dragon will be broadcast on HBO.