In Dead By Daylight, the best way to farm Bloodpoints is to farm Bloodpoints

In Dead By Daylight, the best way to farm Bloodpoints is to farm Bloodpoints ...

Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight can be a difficult task. At times, it can feel like you are getting a ton of them per match, but the next day, earning any is a victory. They are accumulated at the end of each game in Dead By Daylight and are used in the Bloodweb to unlock perks, items, and Offerings for your survivors or killers. Here are some ways to increase your Bloodpoints.

In Dead By Daylight, how do you get Bloodpoints quickly?

Just playing the game well and a lot is the best way to earn Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight. That being said, there are ways to increase the incoming numbers. Most are relegated to specific categories, but a few will take all Bloodpoints earned in a match and increase them.

The most popular of these offerings, but it only appears in the Bloodweb during very special occasions, such as the Anniversary event. Be sure to look and see what the other offerings include.

Next, let's look at the perks. Most rewards will be looking to enhance your skills during a match, but a few will reward Bloodpoints for certain actions. For Survivors, we recommend No One Left Behind. Barbeque & Chili used to be a must-have, giving up to double points for all categories when you hooked Survivors, but the Bloodpoint bonus has since been deactivated.

When you are in a game, play normal. Anything that will kill you, but do it if you see an opportunity to increase your Bloodpoints. Also, keep the game going for as long as you can to earn more points for Bloodpoints. Survivors do not rush for the exit gate the moment the generators are repaired.

Always heal others when they are hurt, and clean Totems you encounter. Obviously, succeeding in skill checks will also help with your Bloodpoint total. Be sure to stun Killers with palettes and jump through windows.

Killing Survivors and hooking them will earn the most Bloodpoints, but also be sure to damage generators that have been partially repaired. Also, be sure to check your Daily Rituals to see which challenges will reward you with up to 100,000 Bloodpoints for finishing all three.

Be sure to look out for special events hosted by Dead By Daylight. Especially during their summer and Halloween anniversary, these events like to give players hundreds of thousands of Bloodpoints just for entering the game. The Rift can also have challenges for you to complete in order to get some Bloodpoints out of.