What Will Happen to HBO Max and Discovery+?

What Will Happen to HBO Max and Discovery+? ...

People have been left unsure about the direction Warner Bros. Discovery is going with its merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery+. The following charts show how the two companies' respective streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+, will go forward.

HBO Max and Discovery+ are expected to be launched in the United States in summer 2023, according to the company. However, JB Perrete, the CEO and President of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), stated that they are looking into ad-free and ad-supported versions as well as a completely free version.

During the discussion, Warner Bros. Discovery executives spoke about the brands, franchises, and series they believe in. These include things like HBO, DC, Game of Thrones, Shark Week, and the Mayor of Flavortowns own Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. However, theyve also decided that 90 Day Fiance and its various spinoff series are now a universe.

It seems reasonable and forced for a series of reality shows centered around the marriage visa process, like Marvel and DC, to think it is an important and relevant franchise despite transphobic remarks made by J.K. Rowling in recent years, and the absence of critical success for the most recent Fantastic Beasts sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Zaslav has made it clear in the number of cis-white men he has hired into positions of power that he believes diversity isnt a top priority for him. After all, this is the same executive who canceled the release of Batgirl, one of the few DCEU projects featuring a Latinx woman in a lead role, and yet refuses to cancel The Flash, a film that has been developing for years because of its vexing and vexing behavior.

Since HBO Max and Discovery+ were gendered during the earnings call, Zaslav has remained stuck in a binary and outdated mindset. Because of its emphasis on scripted content, fandoms, and things that make you lean in and think, Discovery+ was labeled the female streaming service.

HBO Max is from Mars, while Discovery+ is from Venus. pic.twitter.com/AOi2bRBpHr

In the information age of 2022, these descriptions are both reductive and outdated. If we have any benefit from the box office success of films like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther, as well as critical success of series like Our Flag Means Death and Harley Quinn, it's that people want to see diverse stories on screen.

According to Zaslav, the HBO brand, the crown jewel, will continue to thrive, regardless of what the new service is named. If HBO Max does lose something valuable in the process, then it will be relegated to its competitors.