'A' finally speaks in Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 Maia Reficco recalls the 'Surreal' Moment ('I Started Sobbing!')

'A' finally speaks in Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 Maia Reficco recalls the 'Surreal' Moment ('I St ...

Fans of Pretty Little Liars are used to A sending threatening messages, typically of the text variety. But actually speaking out loud? Thats a different situation.

After attempting to murder Noa at her apartment building, the scarecrow-looking monster utters his first words in Episode 4 of Original Sin, which is now available on HBO Max as well as Episode 5, which is now available.

Reficco appreciated the opportunity to shoot Noas escape. She says that physical exercise is my favorite exercise. And in terms of story, it's rather insane to get the first chase sequence of the show.

Reficco congratulates Original Sin stunt coordinator Tracey Ruggiero as well as the incredible team of stunt actors who orchestrated that scene. Everyone was so talented, so I was pretty inspired.

A is also extremely skilled at what he does. After narrowly escaping his clutches, Noa demanded that he tell her what he wants. Punish the guilty, he replied in a voice even more disturbing than youd expect from a murderous psychopath. She did this by calling the hospital and reporting her for taking drugs.

Imogen investigates deeper into Angela's relationship, only to discover key pages from her journal stolen; Faran suspects Kelly is Karen, enlisting Henrys' help in proving her claim; and Tabby decides to film a gender-swapped Psycho shower scene for her film class, foolishly casting Greg as the male lead.

OK, now for the interview: what did you think of Noas' encounter with A? Are you agree with Farans' view of Kelly? Leave a comment with all of your thoughts.