Nicole Layog and Julie Chen interview on Big Brother 24?

Nicole Layog and Julie Chen interview on Big Brother 24? ...

We've been looking forward to seeing Nicole Layog Julie Chen Moonves' extended interview after tonight's big eviction on Big Brother 24. Of course, some of it might be accidental in nature.

Nicole started this season as someone who could have been a major threat to get there, at least in that she was extremely competitive and was also overly optimistic about her abilities. This past week with her and Daniel was laughably bad, especially him using the Power of Veto which resulted in her going on the block. It is one of the most reckless downfalls we have ever seen for a player in the game.

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Nicole isn't sure whether or not she will be able to grasp everything that went wrong in her interview with Julie for a long time. She may even be denial about some of her bigger mistakes, including her wearing blinders to her own behavior at times.

For those of you who are unsure where the extended interview is located, it should be posted on the officialBig BrotherInstagram in a matter of hours. This doesnt usually happen until after the West Coast airing, and these interviews are never live. They do contain further goodbye messages or other information, which we believe may be helpful for individuals looking for an unfiltered perspective. (Of course, we do not believe Nicole ever had an issue being unfiltered all season.)

Nun, we will just have to wait and see where the rest of this season takes us.