Answer to the August 5 Wordle 412

Answer to the August 5 Wordle 412 ...

Wordle lovers everywhere will go to the New York Times Games website to play today's five-letter word. However, there are still others who have yet to play this popular game, and here's some advice for those who need help or are new to the game.

How To Play Wordle

Although dozens of Wordle clones and copycats have been created from its popularity, there is one unique Wordle version. Everything in this article will be about this version; other Wordle-type games will have different answers and may have slightly different rules. But here's how to play the original Wordle:

First, go to the Wordle website. A starting word should be a five-letter English word that is not a proper noun. Wordle answers should also be mostly American nouns ending in an S. Also, good starting words should usually contain several commonly used letters in Wordle puzzles.

  • If the letters of the starting word become green, the letter is right and in the right place.
  • If the letters turn gray, they are incorrect.
  • If the letters turn yellow, they are right but in the wrong position in the word.

Continue guessing new words that match the clues given and receive more hints with those words. Players win by guessing the correct answer but lose by running out of the six given turns. Puzzles reset every day at 12:00AM local time.

Hints for the Wordle 412 for August 5, 2022

Today's word is difficult enough that it may dispel some players. However, don't worry; if anyone needs further clarification that won't spoil the whole word, check out the following links.

  • This word can be an adjective or a noun.
  • This word contains duplicated letters.
  • It is a five-letter word that ends in Y.
  • There is also at least one B in the word.
  • This word contains at least one G.
  • This word is used to describe both vehicles for babies and computer programs.

Answer for Wordle 412 for August 5, 2022

Still need a word of the day to check out? Not a problem; look below the following image for the word of the day spoiler for puzzle number 412.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 412 is BUGGY.

Wordle is available for any browser.