In Dead By Daylight, how do you use a flashlight?

In Dead By Daylight, how do you use a flashlight? ...

Survivors in Dead By Daylight have an uphill battle to contend with as they attempt to escape the game with their lives. The Killer is a gigantic monster that will not give up on you. They should either wait for the Killer to find them, or they should have good enough fleeing abilities to escape danger when in doubt.

How to use a Flashlight in Dead By Daylight

The use of a Flashlight is quite straightforward, but getting the most out of it can be a bit tricky. First, make sure to equip one after unlocking it in the Bloodweb, or you can find one in a Chest in-game. If you lose it, you will need to get another one from the Bloodweb. Use the appropriate trigger on consoles or right-click on PC to turn it on.

By default, Flashlights do not have a lot of charge, so be sure to use them only when necessary. When a Killer is chasing you, place a flashlight in their eyes and blind them for two seconds. If you blind a Killer as they carry a teammate to a hook, the teammate will free in the injured state and run away.

The use of the Flashlights on certain Killers may have additional special effects:

  • Hag traps will be revealed and destroyed
  • The Wraith will be stunned while cloaked
  • Hitting The Nurse when she is blinking will cause her to be fatigued
  • The Legion will be sent out of his frenzy instantly
  • The Spirits Husks will be destroyed

If you are a novice to Dead By Daylight, we recommend getting a different gear piece. It's quite straightforward and challenging to get the beam into the Killers' eyes while they're chasing you, so it's definitely worth the effort.