According to Reddit, Gordon Ramsay's most savage takedowns of kitchen nightmares is

According to Reddit, Gordon Ramsay's most savage takedowns of kitchen nightmares is ...

Gordon Ramsay is well-known throughout the world for being one of the most profane, blunt, and sloppy chefs. For his restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, he has received 16 Michelin stars. Hells Kitchen is his most popular television cooking competition, as well as his fixer-upper show for run-down establishments, Kitchen Nightmares.

Ramsay has gone on to star in various reality and fixer-upper programs, including Hotel Hell, Gordon Behind Bars, and as a judge on the critically acclaimed Masterchef. However, his most famous characteristic is his fiery British stance when it comes to reviewing eateries on Kitchen Nightmares. Fans on Reddit have debated the most insulting, savage moments Ramsay has had on the program.

Sebastians Pizza (Season 1)

Ramsay visits Sebastians Pizza, a failing Italian restaurant that needs help. Following Gordon's harsh remarks on the food, he quickly learns that it was the wrong move. Gordon goes into the kitchen, grinning, and replies, Im still here.

Even after Gordon's help, Sebastian remains obnoxious and rude to others. Gordon receives a brief blow when he's exhausted, stating, "I'm 40 years old and I've eaten a lot of restaurants, but I have never met anyone I believe in as little as you."

Hannah and Masons Bistro (Season 1)

Gordon visits Hannah and Masons Bistro in Cranbury, New Jersey, in another episode from Season 1. Gordon starts investigating the diners' refrigerator to see how the chefs prepare the food. What he found was objectionable, and the restaurant later had to be closed.

Gordon screams, Hey, Panini Head! Are you listening to me? Not only was this a savage moment, but it was also a funny one.

Amys Baking Company (Season 6)

Gordon goes to Arizona to meet with Amys Baking Company's eccentric owners. Upon arrival, Gordon is surprised to discover that the servers do not give tips, and the owner takes them. When Gordon confronts the owner and tells the customer that the owner is taking their server's tip, the owner becomes defensive, turning on Gordon.

Tensions rise as the episode goes on, and the owners almost get into a physical argument with customers and routinely curse them out. In his most savage move yet, Gordon sits down and says, The right thing for me is to get out of here. Good luck. They didnt deserve his help!

Secret Garden (Season 1)

Gordon visits a restaurant in California and tries to improve the already ineffective menu and cooking. After attempting to devise an entirely new menu for the restaurant, the stubborn head (and French) chef reverts back to his old ways. When a table has to send the food back due to the cooking, Gordon intervenes, and possibly Kitchen Nightmares' worst screaming match occurs.

Gordons anger has been fading; he curses him out and screams, Who the hell are you to turn around and say, [my menu is terrible] when you work like a pig?

Fleming (Season 3)

Gordon travels to Miami to see a dismantled Danish restaurant, only attracting a small and established customer base. After Gordon provides the restaurant with a modern renovation and trendy menus, the cooks encounter a problem.

Gordon is surprised when one chef confesses, It's a very complicated salad, to which Gordon responds, "Complicated?" My Gran might do better... but she's gone!

Fiesta Sunrise (Season 1)

Gordon confronts a Mexican-style restaurant in this episode of Kitchen Nightmares. He discovers some degrading storage containers in which the majority of the food is stored. Some are old chicken scraps, another is a brown slop that shuts the restaurant down partially, and another is a frozen ground beef with cheese.

Gordon takes the pot out, asking what was the name of the cow? The owner replies incredulously, Ground beef? It's half of you, you idiot. It's fatter than you!

Michons (Season 4)

Gordon visited Michons Smoked Meats and Seafood in Georgia to help their business. Things definitely got smoky! After tasting some food, Gordon meets the chefs and begins asking them questions.

He asks, Is there anything today I ate that was not microwaved? A chef replies, The salad. You fing a donut, of course, but you dont microwave a fing salad. Only Chef Gordon Ramsay can make the word "donut" an insult.