TikTokers Are Rethinking The Movie In This Viral Parent Trap Video (But real fans already Knew This)

TikTokers Are Rethinking The Movie In This Viral Parent Trap Video (But real fans already Knew This) ...

When Lindsay Lohan's film The Parent Trap was released circa 1998, it's a good possibility you were introduced to her twofold career (and probably thought she was two people). The story of long-lost twins who discover each other at summer camp and decide to switch places so they each know their other parent. However, after this TikTok from one of the films' stars, fans are rethinking the whole movie.

Meredith Blake is the blonde and beautiful other woman to the twins' father, Nick (played by Dennis Quaid), who serves as a roadblock to their grand plan to reunify their parents. Elaine Hendrix, who played Meredith, did a great job of making this TikTok, which went viral:

Hendrix, who made a video to commemorate The Parent Trap's 24th anniversary (it's 24 years old!), is really rethinking her role as the villain. The TikTok uses the hes a 10 but trend, but in this edition, the actress is taking a large sip of a glass of wine as a voiceover tells Merediths story.

Meredith had no clue about Nick and Elizabeth's shady custody arrangement, among other confusing things within The Parent Trap, but once everything goes down, she's in for a ride. Some pretty nasty pranks come out when they go camping together later in the movie. Yep.

As of the time this article was written, the video has 1.7 million views, making it a major hit on TikTok. People are surprised by the fact that Meredith Blake wasn't the villain they saw.

Meredith did nothing wrong, according to Hiphiprenee. #justiceformeredithblake

Kaysimp90: as an adult, i have a hard time for Meredith Blake.

Meredith Blake was not the villain, according to Moonbunnycakes, because growing up she was simply dissatisfied with him, because his twins ruined it.

Master Seagull: As I get older the parents are the villains in that film, not Meredith.

After all these years, do you think Meredith Blake is the villain she wasn't made out to be from the twins' perspective? Maybe she's not the villain she was made out to be from the twins' viewpoint. You may not take it very well either if you were dating someone who was short-sighted about their kids and past marriage. The worst of all is that the parents decided to keep their siblings away from them and lie to the girls throughout the world.

Hendrix isnt the first person to post a TikTok referencing the movie, but the comedic timing on this one is perfect, with Meredith apparently not looking back since the whole incident. Perhaps a Disney+ sequel will help to clarify this issue.