Another PlayStation Game Is Getting A PC Revision

Another PlayStation Game Is Getting A PC Revision ...

While a ton of money has been made about some former PlayStation exclusives coming to the PClike Horizon and God of Warno deal last week, it wasn't until this week that a decision was made about a game that I'm still loving, regardless.

Hohokum, a video game experience that was first released on PlayStation 4 (and PS3, and Vita) in 2014, is still one of the finest chill video game experiences. Created by Richard Hogg and artists Honeyslug and the record label Ghostly, it is a beautiful 2D adventure where you play as a worm...kite...thing that wanders around its various levels just to see what happens.

It's magic. I'm so in love with this game that during all the hardware drama and blockbuster releases that made up our roundup of the last console generation I wrote a whole article just about this little game, which I described as being in the top half of its ambitions.

You move a huge snake thing around a floating landscape, and sometimes you run into things, and sometimes you fly through things. Youre never fighting, talking, or really doing much of anything.

Yet for Hohokum, these arent limitations. Theyre a canvas.

Each is influenced by and dependent on the other two, to the point where Hohokum becomes almost synaesthesic.

Hohokum has evolved from a simple concept to a timeless masterpiece. Its aesthetics hasnt changed a day in eight years, and it technically appears to have been released yesterday. The heavy-duty soundtrack accompanying it also sounds as good in 2022 as it did in 2014, most likely contributed by the fact that many of the artists involved are still killing it today.

Annapurna has released this PC version (which, admittedly, is why less fuss would have been made if Sony had released it), and it's available now on Steam.