Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: A Slasher's Sharp (And Hilarious) As They Come

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: A Slasher's Sharp (And Hilarious) As They Come ...

A24s Bodies Bodies is in a difficult position for horror film fans to start from. It's brutal, yet so rewarding.

Amandla Stenbergs Sophie confesses her growing love for Maria Bakalovas Bee during a brief stop in the greenery before they return to a house party where Bee will meet their childhood (and presumably very wealthy) pals for the first time. Amidst shots, lines, edibles, and glow necklaces, they decide to try a party game theyve never tried before: Bodies Bodies.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a fun game that fuses humor and horror elements.

The best thing about Bodies Bodies Bodies is that the titular game is something you can experience in the same way as the movie itself. As the group (made up of actors played by Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott, Chase Sui Wonders, Myhala Herrold, and Lee Pace) plays the fake murder game, things start to get heated, arguments ensue, and tensions begin to build; the complicated history is palpable in the room. Then, while they are high, drunk, and triggered by each

Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies is an interesting story because it starts off in a really grounded place that doesnt necessarily serve as a comedy. It's playful, but there's an edge and tension about its first steps that has its audience really leaning in and trying to figure out where its all going. Right when the first victim appears, it rattles you with the real hook and from there it doesnt look back for a single second to make sure you're paying attention.

The movie is enlivening in that it allows the viewer to go into survival mode, asking the same questions as the actors, and bringing you into the slasher rollercoaster that it quickly becomes. Its not only very careful in which corners it creates fear and suspense, but it also has a really steady hand on the right balance between its horrifying, hilarious, and tragic elements.

Amandla Stenberg has finally had a second chance to shine, alongside a storied ensemble.

Amandla Stenberg gets a chance to shine for the first time since 2018's powerful The Hate U Give. In Bodies Bodies Bodies, Stenberg is the one who holds that position in the film. Unlike in slashers, the film avoids the traditional box ensembles that are often set up as suspects or brush-offs.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is rooted in the sense that its protagonists behave like actual individuals rather than pawns in the game. There is an organic element of the viewer having to make their own decisions about each character with little information and little time to think about it. Alice is often a standout among the mansions bunch in the in-between moments.

Its gutsy enough to become another A24 hit.

Bodies Bodies is a film that seeks to connect with, call out, and savor a generation that is constantly uttering mental health statements in times of need, leaning toward TikTok stereotypes with a specific target for elite Gen Zers. As the film develops, its characters reveal a variety of issues related to growing up in the social media age within the framework of a funny comedy that is somehow funny and harmless.

A24 has gotten a certain amount of recognition as a film business over the years, but horror has been a strong point. With Bodies Bodies Bodies, its fresh in a sense that its quite as smart as some of its other releases, but stripped out the serious, high-brow sensibilities of other films under the banner. It captures the spirit of Scream without the weight of that particular legacy to uphold, and a savage, but sharp voice that makes for one of this years most original film