What happens when you cleanse a Totem in Dead by Daylight?

What happens when you cleanse a Totem in Dead by Daylight? ...

When you play as a survivors in Dead by Daylight, sooner or later you will find a small body known as a Totem. These skulls and sticks will be hidden in each corner of each map and help the Killer with one of the hex bonuses that they have equipped to make life easier for the survivors.

How do Totems work in Dead By Daylight?

The first Hex Totem is the Hex Totem, which is linked to a Killer's Hex perk. If the fire is not lit, you have found a Dull Totem. As five Totems spawn at the beginning of the match, another Couldtem may have a Hex equipped to it.

The third type of Totem you can see is a Boon Totem. They are covered in a blue light and are created by Survivors who find Totems and bless them. Survivors get bonuses when they are within range of their area, and Killers can snuff them out when they find them.

When you interact with a Totem as a Survivor, you will notice a prompt to cleanse (or bless if you have a Boon perk equipped). During the time you are interacting with it, you do not need to complete any skill checks, but you will be stuck there for a while.

When you cleanse a Totem, you are basically taking it off the field. When the Killer is finished, the Totem collapses, with no chance for it to come back unless the Killer is using Hex: Pentimento. They can rekindle them at that point. All Hex perks must have a Totem to survive.

When you encounter a Hexe, it is extremely important to cleanse it. This is because it helps the Killer in a way that they normally cannot recover from. Some Hexes will affect you if you cleanse them, but overall, it is generally worth the risk of being exposed or having your cleansing speed decreased over the long run of the match.