The Leftovers in Big Brother Recap Are Serving Up Another Dramatic Eviction

The Leftovers in Big Brother Recap Are Serving Up Another Dramatic Eviction ...

Because the 24th season of Big Brothers has become tense, somebody should call Marie Kondo.

This week in theBB house has been undeniably (and wonderfully) chaotic. Kyle's ill-advised showmance with Alyssa, Nicoles correct suspicion that most of The Leftovers are working together, and, of course, Daniel's insane decision to use the Power of Veto to put his No. 1 foe in jeopardy.

Let's take a look at how the week ended, with Nicole unknowingly preparing to be backdoored ahead of Thursday's episode:

THE STRATEGY | Nicole and Taylor are now on the chopping block, and Taylor's tears of outrage are legit: she's peeved that the veto was used to rescue Alyssa and Indy when she thought nominations were still valid, and her trust in The Leftovers seems to have taken a hit because she got no hint about the switcheroo.

Kyle had gone upstairs to warn Monte that Daniel would use the veto for the eighth time in a row. Nicole had visited the HOH bedroom the previous night and discovered six of the seven Leftovers in other words, everyone except Kyle, making Nicole and Daniel feel confident that the six are in a partnership. When Taylor and Joseph are unable to vote this week, Nicole and Daniel are under the impression that Taylor will only have four votes to stay, while Monte will certainly use the veto this time.

Nicole reveals to Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine that she used to be a cop, which she believes is a game-changing fact; Kyle and Alyssa strike up one of Big Brothers' worst showmances (the bathroom flirting! Make it stop!); and Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine consider their options, determined to keep Nicole but firmly on the right side of the house vote this week!

Taylor gets a little sarcastic in her pre-vote statement, telling Nicole, "You look so dumb right now," unaware that her own ride-or-die, Daniel, would ultimately be to blame for her failure. (Nicole looks like she's taking this all in stride, but after Taylor sits back down, the two women exchange a smile that screams, I cant stand you!"

Nicoles are reunited with her old pals after being evicted by a 9-1 vote, but she hugged everyone on her way out and informed Julie that she is unsurprised to learn about The Leftovers, since shed had already identified six of its seven members. She calls Taylors pre-vote statement, which she believes was completely correct, to be nothing but the truth.

Taylor chooses Alyssa and Indy as her new Festie Besties because they were seemingly destined to never have a live Head of Household competition in full again. Daniel, though, goes to one of the bedrooms by himself, declaring that he should pack his bags just now. Moments earlier, he had told Nicole that he would never leave the Big Brother house without a fight.

It's your turn! What did you think of Nicoles' eviction? Who do you want to see win the title of Head of Household? Leave a comment below!