Season 5 Episode 8 of The Chi: Valentines Day

Season 5 Episode 8 of The Chi: Valentines Day ...

We should note that love is in the air as you prepare for the eighth episode of Showtime's Chiseason 5 next week. After all, we're planning a story set around Valentines Day!

This season is a winner for many reasons, including the fact that it gives us so many specific reference points to understand the passing of time. It's also a reminder that milestones vary from person to person. Over the years, we've seen it play out in a number of different shows.

The full The Chiseason 5 episode 8 synopsis is available here.

Trig and Shaad hit the town, while Jada and Darnells' plans were ruined. Emmett makes a mature decision. Jake and Jemmas day together ends in a confession. Tiff and Kiesha meet up.

We know that things will go quickly beyond the scope of the holiday and the events that follow it, and we are fully aware that we will only have three more episodes this season, and we say that fully aware of the uncertainty that follows the fact. Were obviously hoping that we would have a season 6 later on, but the ball is in Showtimes court on that.

Kiesha, Emmett, and Tiff should all be on the same page soon, we hope. They all need it.