OpTic Texas wins in their final map in a victory over Toronto Ultra, advancing to the 2022 CDL Playoffs

OpTic Texas wins in their final map in a victory over Toronto Ultra, advancing to the 2022 CDL Playo ...

OpTic Texas won 3-2 over the Toronto Ultra to open their campaign for the 2022 Call of Duty League Championship. The hosts would need a game five round 11 victory to defeat the runners-up from last years year.

OpTic made huge plays in the Berlin Search and Destroy in order to avoid being reverse swept by the Ultra for the second time in their last three matches. The Green Walls' trademark chant of Lets go OpTic filled the Galen Center in Los Angeles.

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Texas had to make big plays to avoid falling to the elimination bracket after illeY found another pick on CleanX, putting Cammy in a one-vs-three before each remaining member of OpTic collapsed onto the Ultras flex player in a fast go.

We lost 3-2 Gav, you know, we lost the defense. Shotzzy said after the match, they just fell short there. That game five, we know they like playing slow for the most part, so we kind of just played at our own pace.

OpTic, who had dropped several series in a reverse sweep fashion in the season's final stage, was almost caught off guard in the first two maps of the match, defeating Bocage Hardpoint 205-162 and putting on an impressive display against Bocage Search and Destroy.

OpTic appeared to be well on their way to an easy victory over Gavutu Control, but on their way to an unlikely offensive victory, Toronto dominated the map in the fifth round. For whatever reason, Texas never was able to grab hold of the map like Toronto did.

OpTic altered the script. They did not fall into the same trap as they have this season. Their extremely gutsy performance in the Berlin SnD bodes well for the team heading forward. There were moments where Texas could have let their past performances influence their current performances but they never did. In the biggest tournament of the season, OpTic took a 4-2 lead over Toronto.

ICE ROUND 11 ICE pic.twitter.com/mndhf0ENU9

OpTic will face the Los Angeles Thieves in the second round of the winners bracket after the Thieves had to win their own round 11 earlier in the day against the Boston Breach. Los Angeles are coming off a championship in the last Major after defeating the New York Subliners last month.

Toronto has dropped to the elimination bracket in CoD Champs 2022 and will face Boston in a win-or-go-home scenario tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm CT.