DWTS Pro is ready for more children

DWTS Pro is ready for more children ...

Professional dancers and married couple from Dancing With the Stars are currently trying to get pregnant with their second child and are open about their difficulties and undergoing IVF treatments.

Peta said in a recent Instagram post that she wants to have a large family, all due to her son, Shai, who turned five in January.

Peta said she wants to give her son 4 brothers and sisters.

Peta Murgatroyd (@petamurgatroyd) has shared a post.

Peta ended up crying about her new IVF injections because Maks was unable to assist her and she was sorely lacking in time to complete the Instagram story. Her son Shai is what makes this all worthwhile.

Shai keeps me grounded and makes this all worth it. I look at him and I want four more children. He is my everything and I am looking forward to giving him a brother or sister.

Peta and Maks currently have several viable embryos and are waiting for their doctor to schedule implantation. They arent sure they want to have multiple babies at the same time they arent interested in triplets, but they have talked about twins.

Guys, please do not triplets. We are not prepared, either mentally or physically. Twins, we discussed twins, Peta said.

Maks said he used to declare that he would love twins, but now that he has experienced being a parent, he is unsure.

The focus, the focus. But then, yeah, wed be blessed with whatever, he said.

Peta said that they are contemplating putting multiple embryos into the system in the event one does not take, but that's a huge decision because what if both take?

Peta said the company intends to make those decisions in the next couple of weeks.

Peta Debuts What Shai Wants to Name the Baby Also

Peta Murgatroyd (@petamurgatroyd) has shared a post.

Shai responded when asked if he is ecstatic to have a sibling.

He is so cute. If its a boy, it will be Georgie, according to Peta. He asks me everyday Mommy, when does there be a baby in there? [points to her tummy] He's so cute.

She then commented with a wry look: We wont be naming either of them that way.

Peta posted a photo of herself holding Shai on Instagram on July 15, saying, A chill birthday to remember. Im exactly where I intended to be here with my baby. Waking up grateful for where I am and what Ive gone through in order to get there. Life is good.

Peta and Maks revealed in a People interview in June 2022 that they have suffered several miscarriages the previous few years and that now they are trying IVF in order to get a second child.

Peta further discussed their experiences on the Infertile AF podcast, revealing that the first miscarriage was very painful for her, but Maks was particularly affected by the second miscarriage.

Peta told him over the phone that he had to stop the tour bus he was on with his brother and get off and have the conversation. It was heartbreaking because he felt terrible that he would not be there for me again.

On Disney Plus, Dancing With the Stars will return for its 31st season on Monday, September 19.