A cast member of The Daily Show is divorcing

A cast member of The Daily Show is divorcing ...

A cast member of Dancing With the Stars is embroiled in a divorce Season 18 cast member Sean Avery is being requested for a divorce by his wife Hilary Rhoda.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Rhoda Cites Irreconcilable Differences in the Divorce Filing

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After seven years of marriage, professional hockey player Sean Avery, who participated in season 18 of Dancing With the Stars, is divorcing from his Sports Illustrated model wife Hilary Rhoda.

Rhoda filed for divorce and said they had been officially separated since July 17, according to TMZ. She is not demanding physical custody of their son, Nash, 2, but is willing to share legal custody with Avery.

According to Avery's podcast No Gruffs Given, their son was born in July 2020 after suffering multiple miscarriages in an effort to get pregnant.

I'm excited about this next chapter of my life together, wrote Rhoda on Instagram at the time she announced her pregnancy.

Hilary became pregnant the first month that we were eligible to procreate, and going into the process, weve got two healthy partners. I said that was super easy. I start planning, according to Avery on his podcast (via People).

Avery acknowledged that a miscarriage was fairly common, and Rhoda was fantastic, so the couple began attempting again.

Hilary is pregnant again two months later, and she has another miscarriage, according to Avery, adding, You have this window, a four to five day window with no rest. For 6 months, we were battling and we still fight.

Avery said that while he was filming a film, they were able to rekindle true love and harmony and then adopted Nash.

Avery and Rhoda celebrated their son's second birthday just moments after their separation, posting lots of pictures and videos of their little boy.

Avery wrote a tribute to his wife on her birthday, writing, "Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world who continues to develop as a creative and, most importantly, an incredible mother."

Avery Takes Responsibility for the Separation

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Avery said on his latest podcast episode that things are going to be tough right now and that his life has been turned upside-down, but he takes responsibility for it.

When I think about where I am today, I say to myself life is beautiful. The reason I am doing this podcast today is because I have to. It's what makes me feel good, it's what helps me through the week last week, and when my life was turned upside down I know that it was my fault, according to Avery.

Rhoda seemed to be attracted to him at first sight.

Avery said he and my wife were in love with Hilary when I went into a pub and funny, people can say love at first sight and anyone that saw Hilary the first night that I saw her, I think they all understand that I saw my future wife. I fell in love on the spot, dead on the spot.

On season 18, Avery placed 11th with pro partner Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With the Stars.

On Disney Plus, Dancing With the Stars will resume for its 31st season on Monday, September 19.