The Voice's Season 22 First Teaser Has Been Released

The Voice's Season 22 First Teaser Has Been Released ...

The first look at Season 22 of The Voice has been released, and it demonstrates the friendship between each of the coaches.

The teaser was also shared on Blake Shelton's TikTok feed alongside the caption, Best of luck to the other @nbcthevoice coaches this season because #TeamBlake is ready to win!! It was also shared on YouTube.

Season 22 of The Voice will premiere on NBC on September 19, 2022. It will feature coaches including Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend. It is Cabello's first season as a coach on the program.

Cabello Receives a Secret Admirer Letter

Best of luck to all @nbcthevoice coaches this season....because #TeamBlake is ready to WIN!!! #TheVoice premieres September 19th on @NBC!

Blake Shelton's original sound

Cabello is shown receiving a secret admirer in the teaser. The video is structured as a mystery with suspenseful music as the coaches welcome Cabello.

As she spots a card addressed to her, she thinks it might not be that sweet. You are going to lose so much, the card says in letters that appear to be cut out from magazines.

Stefani appears to state that she is unable to believe Cabello received the disturbing note, and Shelton enquires who would send it while sitting menacingly in his big red chair.

A legend appears with a letter of his own.

Check out this strange letter I just received from the coach, which he says. You should never have asked to come back, he says.

The coaches look at Shelton as if he has sent the letters.

It's anonymous, says the author.

The coaches are then shown in their chairs, starting with Legend, then Stefani, then Cabello and Shelton.

Carson Daly arrives with cut up magazines.

Blake replies, "I'm holding up the materials." Can you please stop crafting in my dressing room?

Shelton is being looked at by all of the coaches, and Cabello says, "Busted."

Coaches should be aware of Cabello, according to a legend.

The rest of the coaches, according to Legend, should be on the lookout for Cabello.

Legend told NBC Insider that she was extremely good at coaching. In fact, I advised her, if a Coach opening ever arises, you should do it because you are exceptional at it.

Cabello got her start in the music business on a competition program, so, like now-coach Kelly Clarkson, she knows how contestants should behave in order to navigate a competition.

Legend told the outlet that she has made it harder for me to accept her as my competition. And now, she is up for the crown. We all should watch out.

Cabello, for her part, loves coach Stefani the most, according to NBC Insider.

Gwen Stefani is a fantastic artist, in so many ways. She is a great example of who I want to be. I feel like she has been kind of genre-less and expectation-free. I feel like I should learn from her. She is such a cool artist and authentic.

The Voice will return to NBC on September 19, 2022. Coaches will include Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello, and John Legend.