Natasha Webb and Dave White's Below Deck Med Star Spots a Drama

Natasha Webb and Dave White's Below Deck Med Star Spots a Drama ...

One of the main storylines developed in this season of Below Deck Mediterranean is the complicated pre-existing relationship between chef Dave White and chief stew Natasha Webb. Both season 7 actors boarded the motoryacht Home as previous coworkers, but it quickly became apparent that they had been dating throughout their careers. However, Webb decided to keep it a secret because things between her and Dave started while she was still dating her boyfriend at the time.

Kyle Viljoen, cast member in a recent interview with ET, revealed the ongoing feud between White and Webb. The stew shared was never discussed until recently, and I am only starting to learn more as you see it develop.

It starts taking its toll on the boat as a whole. It's in your face, and you cant ignore it. I feel like if you put a lot of emotion on the boat of your personal life, it will impact your professional life.

I feel that they are capable of coping with this challenge and that they are able to maintain this working relationship. They are quite mature individuals, but the relationship may be less mature.

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Viljoen stated that he is a big fan of the show and expressed his thoughts on Captain Sandy Yawn.

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Viljoen said in the same interview that he is a big supporter of Below Deck and has seen all seasons of it. I've already s*** my pants and packed my bag in case I ever hear Sandy say, Kyle, Kyle, come to the bridge. That's my anticipation.'

He said he understands that Captain Sandy can be quite threatening to viewers of the program, but he continued, "She is one of the easiest captains Ive ever worked with." He continued, "She is genuinely the easiest captain Ive ever worked with." She never micromanaged me or micromanaged the interior. She allowed us to pursue our creativity."

Viljoen Discusses the Interior Team and His Own Yachting Future

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The season 7 stew is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and while it appears as though the interior crew is a dream team so far, the trailer hinted at a huge fight between Viljoen and Natalya Scudder, his fellow second stew. "I'll never get to that point," he told ET about their fight. Natalya and myself, were like brothers and sisters.

So, we have that back-to-back back banter, but there comes a point when enough is just enough and its unfortunate that it has reached that point, but I think a lot of these really close-knit relationships, after having so many charters back to back, are exhausting for you. You don't want to joking around anymore.

Viljoen has worked as a chief stew before and talked about whether or not he would ever want to take on the role on Below Deck. In a heartbeat! he told ET. Do I believe I can snatch the chief stew position? No doubt. It is done and dusted. I've really figured it out.

So one can only hope I develop, and I want to demonstrate this to the LGBTQA+ community, that introducing this character can come on board, that you can work from the bottom and you can go to the top. You will not be judged on who you are as a person.