Cara Maria Sorbello on the Challenge's Past Abuse & Gaslighting

Cara Maria Sorbello on the Challenge's Past Abuse & Gaslighting ...

Cara Maria Sorbello has been away from The Challenge for a few seasons, but she remains a well-known and controversial figure on the program. Like many longtime Challenge actors, Cara Maria has built up a large following over her years competing. But she has also encountered a lot of critics in her last few seasons.

Cara Maria shared her experiences on a social media platform and the journey she has taken over the years. You'll see me as a girl burned out and irritated by the fakeness. I'm no longer afraid to open myself up to unwanted people. I've successfully sent my (real life) foes home time and time again.

Cara Maria said that the years leading up to War of the Worlds 2 were filled with manipulative and gaslighting from her co-stars, and she would talk more about it in the future.

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Cara Maria talked about enduring abuse in her earlier seasons and promised to expand further in the future.

Cara Maria (@misscaramaria) has shared a post.

Cara Marias Instagram post says, "It's been more than you've ever known." And it forced me into the protective and cynical armor you all saw me wearing in those final years of competition.

But that kind heartiness you once admired (and many of you still do) is still there. She is protected in those layers of armor, waiting to feel safe to speak her truth again, even if you prefer to call her The Bad Guy.

The two-time champion thanked the supporters who continued to support her over the years and stated, I will tell you my story one day to demonstrate how powerful girl power is.. I still have a lot of fight to go through.

Cara Maria, who won the show twice, received some help from her boyfriend and co-star.

Cara Maria (@misscaramaria) has shared a post.

Cara received a lot of support from fans and co-stars in the comments, including from her boyfriend Paulie Calafiore, who wrote, Definition of a BADA**. Youre so strong and have such love and support. Her War of the Worlds co-star Ninja Duran commented, "I've always loved you."

After appearing in 2010 on Fresh Meat II, Cara Maria competed in 14 seasons of The Challenge, winning two of them, the Battle of the Bloodlines and the Vendettas.

Cara Maria competed against Team USA until the final, including Ninja Natalie and Zach Nichols, but lost in the final to Team UK, especially Chris CT Tamburello, Jordan Wiseley, Rogan OConnor, and Dee Nguyen.