10 Steam Survival Games That Deserve Of More Attention

10 Steam Survival Games That Deserve Of More Attention ...

Many gamers enjoy survival games. With a multitude of great titles that have been dubbed the best survival titles, such as No Man Sky or Don't Starve, it's difficult for the genre to expand further.

However, there is still room for Steam to flourish as it offers a slew of hidden gems when it comes to games, including Survival. Only older games with less than 3000 reviews or new ones with less than 500 reviews overall have been considered for this list to make them titles that are well worth giving some love and attention to.

10 Brigand: Oaxaca

Brigand: Oaxaca is an extremely difficult survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Mexico. Players are able to customize their character in whatever way they choose.

As the crafting takes huge amounts of inspiration from the Anarchist's cookbook, there are not only many endings and characters to meet. This allows the player to make grenades from tin cans and other finds in this wasteland.

9 Solace Crafting

Although the game is in early development, it still has a long way to go before it is fully released. Solace Crafting is a great open-world game for players to try when they want to live.

Although made by only one person, the game has a lot of promise with an already established crafting and building system as well as the ability for players to construct their own functioning cities. However, this world isn't meant to be lived in alone, as multiplayer is available for others to survive.

8 Feel The Snow

Feel The Snow aims to reveal this with its cute pixel art style and engaging sand-box world gameplay. Creating a house for themselves and up to four players that they may protect from monsters is just one of the many options.

Although survival is an element of the game through crafting, combat is its main attraction, minus the delightful narrative. With a variety of weapons to craft and magic to learn, the bosses in Feel The Snow can be a challenging task.

7 Atrio: The Dark Wild

Surviving in Atrio: The Dark Wild is straightforward, or is it? Combining automation with survival is a fascinating concept that has been discussed several times before. Knowing not only how to live, but also how to construct such devices may add another obstacle to avoiding the dangers of the game, especially in the dark.

In Atrio, there is always something new to learn or a new problem to solve.

6 WrongWorld

WrongWorld is a game that may seem like a joke, but it's actually quite well-constructed. The player's Ewok-like character will be able to survive the various dangers out in the world.

WrongWorld has no right to be so fun to play, yet players will find themselves laughing more than stressing in this survival game.

5 Block Story

Block Story is a game that combines Minecraft graphics with a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. This open-world sandbox emphasizes that the player is in charge of the world.

In order to survive dragon attacks as well as other foes, gamers will need to look for better gear to upgrade their gear. Alongside this, gamers may create their own massive empires.

4 Crashlands

Crashlands demonstrate that survival games can be colorful and chaotic. Crashlands is a game in which the player must confront or even tame aliens in order to survive.

Building has never been so simple, players simply click on the ground to paint their base into existence, making it incredibly easy to learn. There's more, as the player isn't alone in this world, as they meet strange and funny people along the way who have own issues they need help solving.

3 Wayward

Combining the mechanics of a roguelike turn-based game with a survival mode creates a fascinating top-down experience in a beautiful 2D world, with visuals that remind players of retro gaming.

Wayward, a game that players can replay over and over again to survive in different landscapes, is a game that combines crafting and defeating monsters in a randomly generated world. There are many methods for players to modify how they play through custom difficulties that allow them to make the game harder or easier for themselves.

2 Cattails Become A Cat

In survival games, playing as a simple person is fine, but what if a player could become a cute cat and roam in the wild? Players have shown their fondness for stepping into the shoes of other animals since the release of Stray. Cattails allows them to do exactly that.

Cattails is an adorable title to play while relaxing, as long as food is prepared for the winter months.

1 Necesse

Necesse is designed to be a top-down Terraria game with exciting bosses as well as intense survival that match games similar to it. Farming, building, and crafting are just a few of the tasks players may complete during their time in Necesse as they dig deeper and enhance their materials.

The detailed pixel art game is also in early development and has already made some significant improvements to become a promising game. With the most recent update occurring in June, there is still plenty of work to be done to keep avid survival enthusiasts looking forward to its full release.