After a multi-overtime marathon series against Evil Geniuses, FaZe wins the first round of NA LCQ

After a multi-overtime marathon series against Evil Geniuses, FaZe wins the first round of NA LCQ ...

After an hours-long, three-map multiple overtime VALORANT series at the North American Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), FaZe Clan triumphed over Evil Geniuses in the second straight marathon series of the day.

FaZe nearly made it to Masters Copenhagen, but fell short after the internet went out in the facility where they were playing, finishing third and missing out on a trip to Denmark. Coming into LCQ, many consider FaZe a likely candidate to take the last spot from NA.

Evil Geniuses' remarkable run through groups saw them even advance to the playoffs, despite their unconventional gameplay. EG fans are hoping for even more improvement in the roster in this LCQ.

After incredible turnaround performances during Stage Two, both teams are hungry for the last North American spot.

The teams started the game on Icebox, a map where EG have made a home for themselves this year. FaZe mixed up their composition, putting babybay on Raze in hopes of him making a big impact. Although he may not have made as much of a splash as the team had hoped, the first half was still a one-sided affair.

C0M accidentally hitting reformed with a shock dart to defeat his teammate, and Boostio getting caught with his knife out to peek an angle in the half. FaZe finished the half at 84.

SHEESH @Boostio I hope your wrist is okay @EvilGeniuses | #VCTNA

EG reintroduced their unique attack-oriented, innovative style, taking risks to put together an incredible second half to take Icebox 1311, continuing their tradition of giving up first-half leads this year.

EG lost a pistol round, something the team is used to. They have the best pistol round win rate in NA and continued to struggle through the next few rounds before finally gaining confidence.

Boostio dominated the first half and led EG up 84 points.

@Boostio, please accept my apologies. WHAT?

Reformed and Boostio were the difference makers on this map, but FaZe fought back and won the match, 1513.

Ascent continued to be a closely contested back-and-forth battle, although both sides traded blows back and forth in the second half, bringing us to another overtime. Thanks to diceys trusty Operator, FaZe finally secured an offensive round, taking Ascent, 1917.

FaZe moves on in the upper bracket while EG drops down to the lower.