A Blizzard Dev Explains Why There Won't Be a Third Overwatch Beta Before the Release of Overwatch 2

A Blizzard Dev Explains Why There Won't Be a Third Overwatch Beta Before the Release of Overwatch 2 ...

Overwatch 2 has had two excellent beta testing periods that gave the developers valuable input on tweaking new and existing heroes. Fans were beginning to wonder when or when Blizzard would release a third beta.

Jon Spector, the Overwatch Commercial Lead and Vice President at Blizzard, posted a few words on his personal Twitter account promoting Overwatch 2 ahead of the Early Access release. The former Commissioner of the Overwatch League acknowledges the fandom's desire for information about a third beta. He then announced that the game would not receive another beta pre-launch.

Blizzard is pleased with the data it obtained from the two public betas and is continuing to test the game internally. With that, the team wants to devote all its effort to making "the best game possible" ahead of Overwatch 2's October 4 Early Access.

Fans are outraged that Overwatch 2 would allow for another beta. The main dissenting argument comes from self-identified Support players who have not seen much change to her hero since the change. The most significant changes support heroes received were the tests for Mercy's Super Jump being integrated into her move set, and a skill move for Moira that ended up being reversed due to the developers' lack of interest in its use during the beta.

Fans are anticipating the Kanezaka Fox Girl hero, which was teased during the Xbox Game Showcase. Supporters are concerned about releasing this new hero to what's intended to be the "live" version of the game without testing, particularly since Sojourn and Junker Queen, the new heroes in the other roles, have received show time in previous betas.

It's possible that taking the remaining time to get the game back in shape for a wide release to the general public is not only to keep work focused, but also to alleviate the crunch. Keeping the developers' attention to continuing development while making another beta build this close to the Early Access date may be too much now, especially as the game's industry's growing focus on alleviating crunch.

On October 4, Overwatch 2 will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.