The Commonwealth Games trip for Australia's Rocket League teams gives them an incredible opportunity to put esports on the sporting map

The Commonwealth Games trip for Australia's Rocket League teams gives them an incredible opportunity ...

A quiet room lit by the beam of several PCs is playing host to a little slice of history amid the current track events in Birmingham.

Esports may not be a medal event for the time being, but it has finally earned its place in the 90-year-old Commonwealth Games celebrations.

Three outspoken Australian squadrons landed in England in early August: two Rocket League teams and a five-player Dota 2 team. They had one aim (besides winning everything): establish that esports has a place in the Commonwealth Games and its competitors.

The task is daunting, but the Australian teams are up to the task.

Ayla Habulouss Bergmann, who makes up one-third of the women's Rocket League team, was admitted to Dot Esports ahead of their first encounter (courtesy of sponsors EPOS).

The Commonwealth Esports Championships, which will be held at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, will serve as an esports litmus test, but it will also feature the women's squads' first-ever LAN in Rocket League.

Morgan QueenMorgie Medlyn and Zoe PinkJelly arent shy away from the challenge. Instead, the fact that they are both excited about it all: everything will be amazing [and] cool because there's so many people paying attention.

Medlyn, who was also speaking to Dot, said, "Win or lose, every opportunity."

The Commonwealth Games gives us an opportunity to become mainstream, according to the author of something similar to RLCS [the developer-run Rocket League Championship Series].

Esports as an industry is expanding exponentially, providing more opportunities for us as players as well as organizations and agencies. We're hoping this event sticks because to how big it is.

The video gaming industry is certainly on the rise in Australia. Rocket League is just one small slice of a $4 billion industry that has come to life in the last half a decade.

Bergmann and Medlyn say they hope their Rocket League cohort will return. Teams from both men and women have been sent to Birminghamcan begin proving to those gamers and those who are just interested in sports that they should tune in.

Bergmanns plea is to just do it. It's a fun activity, so come watch it.

Medlyns is a similar sport, with a splash of Aussie pride: At the end of the day, its another sport for Aussie sports enthusiasts to root for. Were representing our country, the green and gold everyone wants to support something, and we promise you that games like Rocket League are enjoyable to watch.

Women in Australia's Rocket League have already played groups and semifinals.

The squadron finished second in Group B behind Canada, who they lost to in a close 32 match on Thursday. They then advanced to the semifinals where they lost against England in three, 40, 40, and 21.

The defeat put the green-and-golds into third place, where they will face Canada for bronze. The game will be announced at 7.30pm AEST on August 7.

In the Mens Rocket League bracket, Australia finished top of Group A, defeating Jamaica, Kenya, and South Africa. The Australian rep squadJosh Kaka Watters, Tai Shorez Kibble, and Finn Mawerwere were then swept by England in the events playoff semifinals.

On August 6, the men will play for their third match against South Africa.

Dota 2 women from Australia are in a similar situation. After losing to England 02 in the semifinals, they will face Singapore on Saturday.