The Joker 2 date has been announced by Lady Gaga

The Joker 2 date has been announced by Lady Gaga ...

The sequel to Todd Phillips' critically acclaimed 2019 film Joker, has finally announced a release date. Lady Gaga, who is set to star opposite returning star Joaquin Phoenix as the Jokers' paramour and criminal accomplice Harley Quinn, posted a short animated video on Twitter on Thursday, stating that the film would be released on October 4, 2024.

Folie a Deux 10.04.24 on Twitter: https://obp7T9lBFL

Apart from the fact that the film is a musical and is filmed in and around Arkham Asylum, little is known about the movie's full details at the moment. The film's subtitle is a play on the former, including a psychological disorder affecting two or more closely-related individuals, often in the same family.

The Jokers' true parentage is a foregone conclusion, and it's entirely within our control whether or not the characters vigilante nemesis will appear in the next sequel. In any event, we've got plenty of time to develop our own opinions before customers get the chance to see the film for themselves.