Bodies Bodies Screams to stunning speeds at an all-time high

Bodies Bodies Screams to stunning speeds at an all-time high ...

In the A24 horror film Bodies Bodies, Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) reveals her new girlfriend, Bee (Maria Bakalova), who is planning to join Sophies friends for a gathering. Sophie and Bee are planning a house party at the family home of David (Pete Davidson). It turns out that the group will not expect her to show up or arrive with a partner they dont know. It's a bad time to be the new girl in the crowd.

Bodies Bodies isnt a particularly internet-driven film; the storm quickly kills Davids house's power, and the cell service and Wi-Fi go down with it. The most controversial arguments focus on semi-private flaws, rather than public-facing tweets. As the night goes horribly wrong, the audience notices that theyre all unusually open to accusing one another of murder.

Bodies Bodies is a social anxiety film that starts off as Shiva Baby, the symphony of misfortune starring Rachel Sennott, who also plays Sophies friend Alice, who is introduced by David (Chase Sui Wonders), Jordan (Myhala Herrold), an older guy Alice has been with for a longer period than Sophie and Bee have been together. Given their reckless substance abuse and neglect of each other, they are somewhere in the middle between still young and too old.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a horror film that is mainly used by directors Halina Reijn and Sarah DeLappe; the friends go from searching for a pretend murderer to being scared witless of a real one when someone turns up genuinely dead. (Theres a bit of meta-suspense over which semi-celebrity performer will be the surprise first victim.)

Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies starts to play like a compressed Scream, sped up as if they are playing to a generation that cannot keep both eyes on a full-length feature film. Instead of letting satire slide into horror, the filmmakers make the arguments and defensiveness louder and more ridiculous as the characters feel threatened. At one point, mortal danger is interrupted by the equally shocking betrayal of another friend's podcast.

Because Bodies does not ultimately have a lot to say in either mode, it seems plausible that the film could freely switch between the satirical and the knife's edge. In one scene, the actors throw a bizarre array of buzzwords at each other, as if furiously refuting Davids original claim that the word gaslighting has lost its significance.

Sennott is especially funny as Alice, who processes every horrible turn as a slight against her personally. It's essentially a question: What if people who were hyper-aware of their own triggers and traumas had to react to a horrific turn of horror films?

As the film progresses, Reijn's glowsticks-and-flashlights lighting style is appealing at first, but the sheer volume of shaky-cam footage, close-ups, and harsh lighting eventually bring to mind found-footage horror, without the haunting feeling of reality provided by that subgenres better entries. For a film called Bodies Bodies Bodies, its also surprisingly neutral about how young people use, abuse, and manipulate their bodies and how this might play into their physical

Bee, one of the film's most likely interesting characters, has to remain relatively concealed in order to keep the plot at bay; Reijn and DeLappe seem to be more interested in sabotaging real fears than in laughing at any suspicions that yes, your friends secretly kiss you.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies begins its run in a limited theatrical release on August 5, with a nationwide release on August 12.

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