Watch the new Pokemon Presents demo below

Watch the new Pokemon Presents demo below ...

The Pokemon Company is revealing more information on the Pokemon Presents mobile app and the forthcoming mainline games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

According to the Japanese Pokemon YouTube account, the most recent Pokemon Presents will begin at 9 a.m. EDT/6 a.m. PDT.

The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and Nintendo have provided little information on the next Pokemon coming to Nintendo Switch this November. Three new Pokemon (Smoliv, Lechonk, and Pawmi), two new Legendary Pokemon (Koraidon and Miraidon) will be there, as well as hot professors.

Updates on Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Cafe ReMix, and Pokemon Home might be included in the Pokemon apps. Theres also the longshot: a long-awaited patch for the vaporware project Pokemon Sleep.