Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other services offer 23 fantastic comedy programs

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other services offer 23 fantastic comedy programs ...

There is never a greater quantity or assortment of comedies to choose from or available at the click of a button.

From romantic comedy such as Charade and Dont Go Breaking My Heart to genre-mashing comedy such as The Last Action Hero and Freaky to classics like Tampopo and To Be or Not to Be, we have a wide selection of choices sure to enliven your night.

So, with that in mind, weve sifted through the libraries of the most popular streaming services to present you with our top 23 picks for the 23 best comedies streaming right now. My Cousin Vinny and Singin in the Rain

The Apartment

Billy Wilders' 1960 comedy is often dubbed one of the finest films ever made. That reputation is well-earned.

Bud Baxter (Jack Lemmon) is a solitary office worker who lets executives at his company use his house for their extramarital affairs. He believes this will help him rise in the massive insurance company he works for. The result is that his superiors make more and more of his time and space, leaving Bud unable to sleep in his own bed or access his own home.

Bud falls for an elevator operator in the building (Shirley MacLaine), and his desire to forge a relationship with her gives him the confidence to regain control of his life. But when Bud discovers she has an affair with his boss (Fred MacMurray), things get even more complicated.

Wilder balances the pressures of corporate life and freshfound love with the cast's amazing comedy skills in The Apartment, one of those movies everyone should see at least once.

With a library card on Kanopy, the Apartment is available to stream for free.

Black Dynamite

Michael Jai White is one of the finest underappreciated actors of our time, and his blaxploitation parody Black Dynamite is one of the most funny films of the century. White stars in the film as Black Dynamite, a former CIA agent who is seeking vengeance for his brothers' deaths, all the way to the Nixon White House.

Black Dynamite is now available for HBO Max subscribers.

Book Club

Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen star as a group of best friends who have been a member of a long-standing book club. Each of them, although successful in their careers, is facing life or love difficulties. When one of them chooses Fifty Shades of Grey as the next book theyll read together, it opens the group up in a lovely tale of personal acceptance and self-realization, no matter what stage of life you are in.

On Paramount Plus, Book Club is available for streaming.


Reggie (Audrey Hepburn) has been living off the proceeds from her husband's crime until she realizes she didn't know anything about him or, for that matter, the new guy in her life, Peter Joshua (Cary Grant). To make matters worse, the remaining money is missing, and a lot of terrible people think Reggie knows where it is.

In Charade, Hepburn and Grant, two well-known and charming actors, might go from pragmatic to seductive to fearful with believable ease. Grant's initial frustration with their 25-year age gap resulted in rewrites to the script to make clear that Reggie was following him; it remains one of the few films in which the age gap is acknowledged and addressed honestly rather than taken for granted. Its His Girl Friday by Hitchcock. Jenna Stoeber

Charade is available for free with a library card on Hoopla or Kanopy, or for free with advertisements on Vudu, The Roku Channel, Freevee, and Pluto TV.

Dont Go Breaking My Heart

Dont Go Breaking My Heart is one of the greatest modern dramas produced by Johnnie To, who is equally adept at hard-boiled triad crime dramas as light-hearted romantic comedy. On the other hand, there's Sean (Louis Koo), an analyst for an investment bank who yearns for her through the big corporate glass windows that separate her from her. On the other hand, Kevin (the always-dreamy Daniel Wu) is an alcoholic former architect who encourages Chi-Yan to pursue art

Dont Go Breaking My Heart is available for download on Netflix.


With his 2020 slasher comedy Freaky starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton, Happy Death Day, the film is committed to a cheeky uprising of genre conventions, with a thrilling ending that remains funny and funny enough to be a satisfying take on the final-girl trope.

On HBO Max, Freaky is available for streaming.

Free Guy

Is Free Guy a masterful cinematic art? Absolutely not.Its premise basically boils down to a weird bricolage of The Truman Show via Fortnite, PUBG, and GTA Online, but it remains more or less self-contained to its own universe before culminating in an explosion of indulgent Easter egg fan service? Absolutely not.

Free Guy is now available on Disney Plus and HBO Max.

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is a fast-paced adventure comedy that dates back over 100 years, and it holds up for modern humor. Little Tramps is blown by Canadian winds, stoops to eating a leather shoe for sustenance, and eventually performs his legendary fork dance.

The Gold Rush is available to watch on HBO Max and Criterion Channel, or for free with ads on Freevee.

I Married a Witch

Rene Clair, who made his name in early French silent and sound cinema, spent a few years making films in the United States during World War II. Among them is the spectacular black-and-white romantic comedy I Married a Witch, in which Veronica Lake stars as a witch who wants revenge on the descendant of the man who imprisoned her by making him fall in love with her.

Jennifer (Lake) and her father, Daniel (Cecil Kellaway), are cursed by Puritans in colonial Salem for refusing to sacrifice them. He and his descendants will be doomed to be unhappy in love, always marrying the wrong woman, and she awakens 270 years later, seeking Wallace Wooley, the latest descendant of the man who caused her execution, as well as a leading candidate for governor.

I Married a Witch is a 77 minute Classic Hollywood delight with costume by Edith Head, charming practical effects (the two witches are represented by wisps of smoke before inhabiting bodies), and a slew of funny gags (there's a popped maize vendor during the intermission of the witches' execution). PV

On HBO Max and Criterion Channel, I Married a Witch is available for viewing.

Last Action Hero

After a movie-obsessed boy (Austin OBrien) is transported to the real world by a big action franchise's villain (Charles Dance), the boy and the films hero (Arnold Schwarzenegger) must join forces to save him.

The Last Action Hero is now available on Netflix.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Wes Anderson's 2004 ensemble comedy is dedicated to Jacques Cousteau and is a loving (and funny) tribute to the legendary French oceanographer. Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) is an oceanographer/documentary who loses his best friend to a shark attack while working on his project. Zissou sets out for his next project: to identify and kill the shark and film the whole thing.

The Life Aquatic is a cinematic delight of the senses, featuring Anjelica Huston (Zissous' exiled wife who finances his projects), Willem Dafoe (an emotionally withdrawn German first partner), Owen Wilson (a Zissou fan who believes he is his Zissous son) and Jeff Goldblum (playing a more successful oceanographer). PV

Steve Zissou's Life Aquatic is available to stream for free with a library card on Hoopla or for free with ads on Tubi.

Little Monsters

The director of Little Monsters has cast Alexander England (Alien: Covenant) as Dave, a foul-mouthed and down-on-his-luck rock musician who lives with his nephews' kindergarten teacher. Unfortunately for them, the petting zoo is located right next to a zombie outbreak.

Little Monsters is now available for streaming on Hulu.

Love & Friendship

Kate Beckinsale plays Lady Susan, a young widow who is attempting to meet suitable match for her daughter (Morfydd Clark) and herself. She flirts and schemes her way throughout the film, much to the delight of the audience and her friends.

Chloe Sevigny (as Susan's supportive best friend), Tom Bennett (as a funnyly corpulent wealthy idiot), and the rest of the cast all contribute to the film Love & Friendship, which is one of the few recent examples of how comedic roles are ignored during the awards season.

Love & Friendship is now available to stream on Prime Video.

Multiple Maniacs

Criterion has made the early transgressive comedy of John Waters into art, and one can only imagine what Waters might achieve in 1970. Creating a flimsy scenario in which Lady Divine (Waters' go-to collaborator) spirals out of control on a murder spree and her ex-lover (David Lochary) plots to murder her first with other members of Waters' Dreamlander acting troupe

On HBO Max and Criterion Channel, multiple Maniacs can be viewed.

My Cousin Vinny

Two New Yorkers, including the Karate Kid himself, are wrongly accused in Alabama, and one of them calls his cousin (Joe Pesci), who has finally passed the bar exam after many, many attempts. That cousin, Vinny, and his girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei), are going to the Deep South to fight the odds against them.

My Cousin Vinny is a culture-clash comedy jutted with a legal drama that's so well suited to its central performances. Pesci is fantastic as Vinny, at times overconfident, at times without confidence at all, but at all times caring deeply for his loved ones. Tomei, however, is the real star of the show, who deserves an Oscar for this incredible role.

My Cousin Vinny is available to stream on HBO Max or for free with a library card on Hoopla.

The Paper Tigers

The three former martial arts prodigies who grew into deaf middle-aged nobodies in Tran Quoc Baos are Alain Uy, Ron Yuan (Mulan), and Mykel Shannon Jenkins who swear an oath to avenge their master's death. He also falls into the Apatowian camp of Dumb Man comedy.

The Paper Tigers is available to stream on Netflix and Hi-Yah! or for free with a library card on Hoopla and Kanopy.

Plus One

Plus One, by Pen15 authors Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer, was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival before quietly settling into a streaming position. They have become go-to guys for the endless marathon of nuptials, wringing Erskine and Quaid for every drop of charisma they have to offer.

Plus One is available for free on Hulu or as a library card on Hoopla.

Singin in the Rain

What can we say about one of the most well-known films of all time? Ill tell you this: If Singin in the Rain wasnt on this list, we wouldn't be doing our jobs correctly.

The timeless 1952 classic from Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly is equally as joyous and funny as you can remember. The 13-minute dream sequence Broadway Melody is absolutely hypnotizing.

HBO Max has made Singin in the Rain available for streaming.


Tampopo is a funny ramen western set in a decaying restaurant that they help transform the business' fortunes. PV

Tampopo is available for streaming on HBO Max and Criterion Channel.

To Be or Not to Be

Ernst Lubitsch's 1942 masterpiece is an uproarious and moving anti-war story about a group of actors who dupe Nazi soldiers in occupied Warsaw. But when Germany invades and a Nazi spy plots to expose the Resistance fighters, the group employs every theater tactic in the book to outmaneuver the Nazis (including a visiting Hitler himself).

To Be or Not to Be is a landmark film in American cinema history, with funny repeated gags, slapstick disguises, and a rock-solid emotional foundation of a group of individuals striving to protect each other in the face of evil. PV

HBO Max and Criterion Channel has made To Be or Not to Be available for streaming.

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

This musical film was dropped by The Lonely Island out of nowhere. It's a spoof of Beyonces Lemonade centered on Jose Canseco and Mark McGwires famous 1980s home run streak in 2019.

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, like Tour de Pharmacy and 7 Days in Hell (co-starring Kit Harington), explores Canseco and McGwire's individual psyche through poetry, abstract imagery, and profane lyrics. Surprisingly, Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer dont skimp on the depth of the Bash Brothers. With lyrics like Stab that needle in my ass until I am rich / Make me a god with the chemical sciences, McGwire eventually finds McGwire begging

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience is now available on Netflix.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

We can all agree that musician biopics are a little played out, right? This humorous music biopic is a smash hit of the early 2000s, with John C. Reilly as rock star Dewey Cox, a funny supporting cast by Tim Meadows as Dewey's drummer, and a nonstop burst of funny humor as The Beatles (highlighted by an extended sequence where Paul Black, Justin Long, and Jason Schwartzman play the Beatles).

Dewey Cox's Walk Hard Story is now available on Paramount Plus.

Wheels on Meals

Wheels on Meals is one of the greatest of an outrageously good group of films set and shot in Barcelona. When Thomas (Chan) and David (Yuen) meet a somewhat incompetent private investigator (Sammo Hung), the group band together to rescue her when she is kidnapped.

Jackie Chan's remarkable filmography is shown in Wheels on Meals, where he fights legendary kickboxer Benny Urquidez (the pair would later fight again in Dragons Forever), who at the time was one of the world's most well-known and successful fighters.

If you like this, you should check out Project A, which was released a year before and features one of Chan's most outrageous and jaw-dropping stunts.

With Plex ads, Wheels on Meals is available for free streaming.

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