Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and a host of new settings are now available!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and a host of new settings are now available! ...

The first Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel update has been released for the first time, including new card animations, options, and more.

This whole update was intended to improve Master Duels' quality of life, as it does not include much new content or alter the gameplay in a way that would change how players construct their decks when competing against one another.

The addition of Casual Matches as a Duel mode is the biggest advancement Master Duel has seen since it was launched in January. It addresses one of the games' major issues by providing a dedicated way for players to Duel without having to worry about a competitive focus being forced onto them via Ranked Matches.

Although this does not guarantee that the game will attract players back or draw a younger demographic, it does give players greater options without having to deal with the Ranked ladder, whether it be just playing the game or testing decks before bringing them into Ranked.

Konami has also released new effects for various cards, including new animations for Upon activation cards and Special Summons, which have a different animation from Normal Summons, which can be selected in the Game Settings menu.

Here are a few highlights from this update, which is now available for all players on all platforms.

  • Added a feature to activate effects and summon monsters by dragging the command button to the Field
  • Added a Switch + Hold option to the activation confirmation settings
  • Added a feature to save replay footage from your Duel in a Room Match
  • Added a feature to change the camera angle while watching a Room Matchs Duel replay
  • Change made so that the Deck can be checked while seated at a table
  • Added feature to display a notification when an opponent takes a seat at a table
  • Added a Refresh List button to Room Search screen
  • Added a button to change the Forbidden/Limited List to be applied on the My Deck Editing or Deck Edit Confirmation screens
  • Added a search filter to the Forbidden/Limited List confirmation screen
  • Your Ranked Duel rank displayed on your profile will be blank at the start of a new season until you participate in a Ranked Duel
  • Added support for high-speed scrolling on screens with lists using the analog stick