Nicole Curtis Shows Up For Hearing, Repeatedly Asked To Please Be Respectful

Nicole Curtis Shows Up For Hearing, Repeatedly Asked To Please Be Respectful ...

Nicole Curtis keeps popping up in unexpected places on her self-proclaimed Dora The Explorer summer adventures, from Paris to New York and now to the small lakeside village where she shot Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue, a series that fans have been asking for since HGTV canceled it hours before its scheduled premiere on July 13.

Curtis, a home restoration expert, decided to cancel a trip to New York City in order to fly to Detroit about 45 minutes north and confront the Commission.

Curtis Has Been All Over The Map This Summer

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Curtis sparked concern among viewers when she uploaded a mirror selfie from an airport restroom to her Instagram feed and declared that she was done, announcing that her new show, chronicling her restoration of a century-old vacation house in Lake Orion, would not air as planned. In her Instagram Stories, she wrote, Im a make the best of it Person, but reached my limits when the stress of doing it all broke my body.

Three days later, the HGTV star announced she was in Paris, stating that she felt like she could see the Eiffel Tower so she booked a plane. Over several days, she published many updates to her Instagram Stories, including photos and videos of solo bike rides, meals, and tourist places.

In new Instagram Stories, she admitted that due to health issues, she had not completed the Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue program in time for its scheduled premiere on HGTV. The shows are on my laptop in final edit When I am up to par- you will see my house as the star @hgtv.

Curtis said on July 23 she was ready to leave Paris, feeling better and believing she had found the light at the end of the tunnel. Several days later, she visited New York City, posting new photos from another impromptu vacation. However, her journey was canceled when she learned of a public hearing planned for the Village of Lake Orion.

I saw a notice for a hearing in #lakeorion, and she shared a mirror selfie with her Instagram Stories. Decided to finish my Dora the explorer journey early.

While addressing the Planning Commission, Curtis slaps feathers.

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Curtis wasn't the only one concerned about her little-known hometown of Woodstock, which has a population of less than 3,000 people. On Aug. 1, the council chamber was packed with residents, most of whom had gathered to protest the proposed four-story apartments. Chairman Jim Zsenyuk thanked the crowd for attending their regular meeting, but said notices that it would be a formal public hearing had been posted accidentally.

Residents were still permitted to express concerns about the environmental and economic consequences of constructing apartment buildings along the marina, but the developers did not show their designs. Curtis read the following statement from Lake Orion resident Steve Cimini, her ex-husband. The couple had a bitter custody dispute over their son Ethan, who is now 24, but they have reconciled.

Curtis then spent several minutes echoing the concerns of previous speakers, declaring the proposals ridiculous. Many attendees before her had expressed concern that expanding the marina would increase boat traffic on the already-crowded lake. Curtis told the Commission that rejecting the proposal would protect the village from transient residents.

The 46-year-old told the Commission that he believes that this village should be sustainably maintained. My family members that erected this city grew up in years and have passed away. We need life owners in this town. You cannot get that from high-end rental units.

At times, the long-time TV personality struggled to make coherent remarks and went from topic to topic erratically. For example, she told those on the council, "Many of you on here have been here for years. I've only been here for 28 years, if you want to ask me the truth, but I'm more like 46 now."

Curtis has also accused the Commission of violating the law by canceling a previously-announced public hearing.It's completely unlawful to announce something on an agenda and keep it in your archives until it mysteriously disappears when you have a large gathering here of people opposed to it.

Curtis was asked more than once to show respect for the council members when she read the Commissions public hearing notice directly from The Lake Orion Review, again stating that it was wrong to not conduct the public hearing as advertised, and telling the council members that they should do a better job of providing village residents with access to planned developments.

She told them that you as elected officials have the responsibility to ensure that the city is doing its job to get this out properly, adding that the formal hearing should be held at a bigger facility with air conditioning, which would be fantastic.

Michael Lamb, an elected council member, spoke out at that point, begging Curtis to have more respect for the councils efforts. Lamb claimed that he had spent a thousand hours of his own time working for the council without any kind of compensation, adding that the village staff was just small and was going through a transition of roles due to the village manager being sick.

These gentlemen are all volunteers who spend many hours of their free time doing this for free, according to Curtis. So please be respectful to these gentlemen when you state what our responsibilities are.

Curtis replied, I mean no disrespect, but repeated her point and stated that she volunteers for many things, but does not allow a lack of compensation to prevent her from doing her job.

Curtis confronts developers and declares that this fight is personal.

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Curtis posted Instagram Stories depicting her confronting a member of the development company that hopes to construct the new apartments. She asked the man, who was carrying display boards with artistic renderings of the proposed site, if you were ready for a hearing tonight?

He replied that we were indeed aware that you should always be prepared for a meeting. Curtis wrote that the village last minute stated that there would be no public meeting. WTF is the developer here with all their gears?

Curtis shared a photo of herself at the podium in her Instagram feed on Aug. 3: "This is going to be my loudest fight yet." Ive fought for preservation everywhere, and it seems appropriate to bring that experience home. Ironically, Ive just completed editing on two shows that illustrate my love for this historic village.

The self-described preservationist then posted some written thoughts on her Instagram Stories on August 4. I've got to get up today. Im gathering all the information for this #lakeorion fight. So, hold tight, Im going to need your help.

She also posted a photo of her lake house, the one that will be featured on her new program, and wrote, Ive been restoring a 1907 cottage here since 2014. This fight is personal, she said, and she typed @hgtv this September.

Curtis then shared a number of videos explaining why this conflict is my most personal yet, including footage from a busy intersection where Curtis says she and her ex-husband first met, and images of historic structures that might be destroyed if the developers do their thing. A formal public hearing on the matter is scheduled for September 6.