How to Befriend BlueMeramon in Digimon Survive

How to Befriend BlueMeramon in Digimon Survive ...

The Digimon series has a lot of well-designed creatures, although few are quite as cool as the Flame Digimon Meramon and its Ultimate form, BlueMeramon. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of them appear prominent throughout Digimon Survive, with many players eager to discover them due to their incredible power and fantastic designs.

Although the same cannot be said of actually catching a BlueMeramon in Digimon Survive, players will need to devise the best responses to its questions and statements, some of which are somewhat difficult to guess. Thankfully, this guide has all the answers, and should be helpful for anyone planning to add BlueMeramon to their teams.

In Digimon Survive, how do you become blueMeramon?

Players should have a pretty good grasp of what they're doing when it comes to befriending new Digimon in Digimon Survive. First, they'll need to choose it from the list of enemies on the right, then answer three of the Digimon's questions, before they'll be able to ask it to become their friend.

BlueMeramon has a somewhat flamboyant personality, which is advisable for players to avoid trying to deceive the player and instead engage in respectful, yet contradictory responses. It uses the same set of questions and statements as regular Meramon, although some of the best responses for BlueMeramon are a little different, as shown by the table below.

Question / Statement Best Response
I want to do nothing but fun things! You too, right? I'm not like you.
This is my turf! Leave some food and get outta here! I'll think about it.
Arrrrgh! Graaaargh! Anyone else just gets in my way! That's crazy talk.
Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is just the best! It's bad for your gut.
I'll pulverize ya! Gwaaahahahahaaa! Scary! But I'll win.
Uurrgh... Waiting around makes me wanna go crazy! [Stare in amazement.]
Aint you a frail-looking thing. You eating enough meat? I prefer vegetables.

Where to Find BlueMeramon in Digimon Survive

BlueMeramon may be encountered in the Second Island Area around the beginning of Part 6. Like Monzaemon and Etemon, it will cease showing up when Falcomon leaves the party, so players should always keep this in mind before going too far. The Flame Digimon can be found frequently from Part 7 onwards.

Digimon Survive is now available on PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.