A Doom fan recreates an IRL version of the game from their shed using cardboard

A Doom fan recreates an IRL version of the game from their shed using cardboard ...

The influence that classic Doom has had on the gaming world is pretty much permanent, and its continuing popularity is primarily attributed to the official reboots, as well as the modding community. In fact, the original entries have some of the most interesting modifications in video game history, with some transforming it into a completely different beast.

Bill, a YouTube user who runs a channel called Games Made of Cardboard, uploaded a video recently that depicts their own real-life version of Doom, both in terms of monsters and set pieces, as well as music from both the classic movies and the reboots. This is only part one of Bill's journey, which is said to take him one and a half years to complete.

Cardboard might seem like an unusual material to recreate a game with, but it has been done a few times in the past. There's also Nintendo Labo, which is a collection of cardboard toys that may be converted into Switch accessories, such as a motorbike, fishing rod, or even a working piano.

The Id Software series is ripe for modding and fan recreations. The long tradition has had an enormous impact on the FPS genre. Doom has been ported to many wild and strange devices, from a smartwatch to a treadmill.

Bill and Doom Eternal are two of the finest arena shooters of all time. While it's clear that Bill will be able to demonstrate part two of their cardboard-based film when it's released, it's difficult to categorize. This current video showcases nothing but love for classic games.

Doom was released in December 1993 for multiple platforms and has been ported to many systems.