Before the release of season 3, Big Sky unveils a surprising change

Before the release of season 3, Big Sky unveils a surprising change ...

Season 3 of Big Sky has received a new title ahead of its release in September, called Deadly Trails.

Sunny Brick, Reba McEntire's newcomer to the US crime drama, reveals this insight in the teaser trailer (which you can see below).

"You never know what's gonna happen around the bend in the wild wilderness," she warns.

Cassie Dewell (Brave New World's Kylie Bunbury) and her ex-partner undersheriff Jenny Hoyt (Vikings' Katheryn Winnick) try to maintain order in Helena's state of Montana.

Jesse James Keitel, a Jerrie Kennedy actress, suggested that her dedication to Queer as Folk might result in a Season 3 absence on Big Sky.

"Scheduling is definitely a bit tricky. But we'll see." I love Jerrie and Big Sky. There's definitely a story to tell there, but I'm excited to be part of the Queer as Folk cinematic universe and to tell some stories that I'm really excited to tell.

This year, title changes are all the rage, with HBO's True Detective also revealing that Season 4 will be known as Night Country.

Jodie Foster, an Oscar-winning actress, has been chosen to star as the lead actress of a big-name television series, while boxing world champion Kali Reis will join her for a Arctic murder mystery.

Investigators Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro must "confront the darkness they carry in themselves and dig deeper into the haunted truths hidden under the eternal ice," according to a synopsis.

On Wednesday, September 21, Big Sky will return for a third season on ABC, while a Disney+ release date in the United Kingdom has yet to be announced.

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