Production Details for Season 2 of History 101, click here to find out more

Production Details for Season 2 of History 101, click here to find out more ...

History 101, a Netflix documentary series, has been renewed for a second season. Netflix seems to be fond of the series.

Murder Among the Mormons and The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness are two popular television programs that can illuminate topics that may interest you. You may now watch the second season of History 101 if you enjoyed the short lectures in the first.

With a fresh batch of episodes, the show will focus on hallucinogenic drugs, weaponized lasers, and bottled water.

If you like informative Netflix episodes like the Explained series and are interested in exploring the world, History 101 is the perfect option for you.

The wonderful thing about it is that since each episode is only 30 minutes long, you may theoretically see them all at the same time. It continues to produce more docuseries in order to inform the audience in a way that only it can.

More About History 101 Season 2

History 101, a British documentary series, demonstrates how much waste accumulates in the ocean.

When a topic arises, the program focuses on specific areas, such as how China's economy expanded for so long without any other nationsnoticing. Haiti was included in the program's AIDS episode, which attracted a lot of criticism from the Haitian community.

Leaders criticized the program for appearing to blame Haitians for aiding the HIV epidemic in the 1980s (via The Haitian Times). The episode was briefly removed by Netflix before being re-posted for viewing a few months later.

Without knowing what Season 2 episodes will be about, there is no way to predict exactly what kinds of places History 101 will take viewers. Lets just say that, in light of the controversy over Haiti's AIDS episode, we can only hope that the program will be a little more careful in presenting certain facts.