The Best Minecraft library designs, ideas, and concepts

The Best Minecraft library designs, ideas, and concepts ...

In most Minecraft survival playthroughs, bookshelves are underused. Most players skip over to make more than they need to power a simple enchanting table, let alone stock an entire library. In this guide, we will discuss design strategies for promoting both creativity and literacy.

Enchanting table library

In a survival Minecraft playthrough, books are often used to create an enchanting table. Its nearby library, while appearing to be quite minor, contributes greatly to its enchantment ability. To reach the highest possible tier of enchantments at level 30, you must surround the table with at least 15 bookshelf blocks, leaving at least one empty block of space between the bookshelves and the table.

Any sort of board, even a small torch, placed between a bookshelf and the table, will disconnect it from the table, reducing the effectiveness of potential enchantments. Light sources, such as lanterns, can illuminate the table without sacrificing its visual interest.

Library bookshelf walls

Stacking a series of standard bookshelves can look quite rigid and plain. If you place bookshelf blocks with more jagged or irregular shapes around a wall of bookshelves, you can enhance the otherwise flat-looking library feature.

Oak stairs may be positioned near bookshelf walls, attracting your attention to the displayed books. In fact, oak plank items of any type work especially well when framing bookshelf walls, because the actual shelves of the bookshelf block are oak in both texture and material.

Inner library bookshelves

The inner rows of bookshelves within a library are bound to look as flat as their square models would suggest. Try removing a few bookshelf blocks here and there rather than texturing these spaces with library-themed decorations and other extras.

Candles, when lit with flint and steel, can transform a dim library into an atmospheric light. Acquired skulls can enhance the ambience, while potted plants and cobwebs can make a library appear active and lived-in.

Library study

Without a quiet place to read them, what good are books? This library remodel includes a table area, candles, and an overhanging chain-and-lantern chandelier.

By laying upward-facing pistons on top of redstone blocks, a table or a structure resembling a table can be constructed. When in this setup, the pistons will extend upward, creating a makeshift tabletop.