For a tense truck demonstration, Faker sympathizes with T1 supporters

For a tense truck demonstration, Faker sympathizes with T1 supporters ...

Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok sympathized with a handful of T1 followers who organized a truck protest outside of the LCKs LoL Park facility in Seoul, South Korea, yesterday.

In an interview that was published by Osen and translated into English via Twitter, he said, everything fans do starts from the love for the team. Everyone in T1 should do more to repay the support they receive from fans. I will do my best for fans.

A minority of League of Legends supporters were disappointed with the teams' performances this season, prompting them to dispatch a truck with a message publicly blaming T1s' unexperienced coaching staff.

Fans have written an open letter urging the team to upgrade their coaches ahead of World Cup 2022.

T1 enthusiasts have high expectations for their team, despite winning three World Championship titles and many regional victories. However, the team failed to live up to expectations in the mid-season invitational and fell to RNG, a Chinese opponent.

T1 are currently in second place in the Summer Split, with only two weeks till the playoffs. Although they lost to league leaders Gen.G last week, they have already secured a spot in the playoffs with a 13-2 record.

T1 will have three more series to play before they can defend their championship in the playoffs and compete for the top seed ahead of the World Championship, scheduled for September 29 to November 5.