Some of Bethesda's Biggest Upcoming Games Are Missing Out on QuakeCon 2022

Some of Bethesda's Biggest Upcoming Games Are Missing Out on QuakeCon 2022 ...

Bethesda has a slew of exciting future projects that would enthuse fans of the studio and its franchises. At the top of this list is obviously Starfield, but Arkane Studios' Redfield follows close behind, to mention the publisher's other development studios that have yet to reveal their projects in full.

The publisher has just released the official schedule for the QuakeCon gaming convention this year, which appears to be somewhat subdued. Namely, several of the company's most significant titles are completely absent, with lesser-known events instead.

At the start of the year, Bethesda's intentions for 2022 were nothing short of fantastic, but their flagship RPG was later pushed back, and the vampire-slaying immersive game Redfall suffered a similar fate. Although both of these titles were expected to be included in QuakeCon 2022, neither one is scheduled to take center stage.

By the looks of it, Arkane Studios' intriguing FPS Redfall, is only getting a 30-minute talk at the very start of QuakeCon 2022. Instead, Bethesda is apparently using this year's QuakeCon to showcase existing games' future content. Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online seem to be the big featurettes this time around.

At this time, the community has plenty of burning questions about Bethesda's Starfield. While much is already known, it's still a fairly unusual release in modern times, as Bethesda had previously focused on Fallout and The Elder Scrolls as its core studio's production methodologies. In comparison, Starfield is completely new, and the fan base would be interested to learn more about its gameplay methodologies in practice.

Regardless of the situation, QuakeCon 2022 is unlikely to offer any industry-breaking revelations about Starfield or Redfall. Still, Bethesda fans can look forward to a lot of content related to its previous releases, such as Ghostwire Tokyo, and it goes without saying that Fallout 5 would need to be given any serious attention early.