In Vampire Survivors, how do you unlock the Big Trouser?

In Vampire Survivors, how do you unlock the Big Trouser? ...

The latest 0.10 update to Vampire Survivors brought a slew of improvements and improvements to the game. One of these things is a secret character, Big Trouser, who is going to be a smash hit for anyone who unlocks him.

In Vampire Survivors, how do you unlock the secret Merchant character?

On the surface, finding this secret character is not that difficult, but there are a few technical difficulties that can wreak havoc on your achievement run. Be sure to highlight them later on so you are aware of them in time.

The key to unlocking the Big Trouser is to master all 16 of Moonglow's accessories. It's pretty straightforward as far as mysteries go, as you've probably already figured out that it refers to the 16 passive items that you can pick up when you start the run in Moonglow. That's the easy part just pick them up and max them out as you progress at the start of your run.

There is also a possibility that your run will be ruined. If you press ESC and see that all of your passives are at max level, please stop the run. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the achievement if the Red Death kills you at the end. All of your efforts would have gone to waste.

In Vampire Survivors, the Effects of a Big Trouser

Once you have the secret Merchant unlockable, you may enjoy some gold farming gameplay with him. He passively gains +1% Greed at every level, and his Gold Fever buff lasts longer. He is also one of a few characters that can choose his starter weapon, which is a cool hidden bonus.