Where Can Vampire Survivors Find Moonspell Flames?

Where Can Vampire Survivors Find Moonspell Flames? ...

The Flames of Moonspell are there to assist you in removing your mistakes, although most players will not be able to complete them. Be careful if these items are elusive.

The location of the Flames of Moonspell in Vampire Survivors is unclear.

The Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors are a boon for most players because they increase their character significantly every time you earn one, and because they are easily farmable, there are players who find themselves too powerful for the game to provide any sort of challenge.

Players in this situation may invoke the Flames of Moonspell to undo 100 random Golden Egg bonuses, but only if they have the following prerequisites:

  • Have earned 5000 or more Golden Egg bonuses
  • Unlocked Moongolow by unlocking Hyper Mode for at least four normal stages

Players who want to nerf their character with the Flames of Moonspell must enter Moongolow and go north from the starting area. There will be a dark void left over from the initial attack. Touch it with the flames of Moonspell.

A strange animation will play, and a message will appear saying What have you done to yourself? You may purchase the Flames of Moonspell for free, or remove 100 random Golden Egg bonuses, so you may re-create your character as soon as you desire. It will take a lot of time to get there, so get yourself comfortable and start clicking.