The release date for Tower of Fantasy has been set, and we've included preload information for Genshin Impact

The release date for Tower of Fantasy has been set, and we've included preload information for Gensh ...

What is the release date for the tower of fantasy on PC? The anime game has caught the eye with its Genshin Impact-like presentation, and has already registered significant amounts of interest in the run-up to its release date in August.

Tower of Fantasy isn't playing in the same playground as Genshin Impact, but it's a game with more sci-fi gameplay and character creation abilities, which we saw during Summer Game Fest. Players may alter the visuals of the characters they unlock, allowing you to customize your anime squad to aesthetic perfection.

The Tower of Fantasy combat system includes movesets for a variety of different weapon types, including swords, spears, scythes, knives, and a whole host of other more traditional weapons, including giant rings and shoulder-mounted twin cannons. The game also offers shared exploration with friends in co-op, and promises a compelling post-apocalyptic narrative.

The game's unique appearance is aided by a staggering number of approaches to traverse its stunning open world. Hoverboards, motorcycles, cyber-unicorns, jetpacks, bipedal mechs, and some so bizarre that we'd be unable to explain them to you.

When is the Tower of Fantasy release time?

Tower of Fantasy will be available for PC and mobile devices at the following times:

US West CoastAugust 11 at 12am PT
US East CoastAugust 11 at 3am ET
UKAugust 11 at 8am BST
EuropeAugust 11 at 9am CEST
AustraliaAugust 11 at 5pm AET

On the company's website, you may follow a countdown to the games' release.

When may I pre-load Tower of Fantasy, and how do I do it?

Tower of Fantasy preloads begin on August 9th. There are a number of pre-registration bonuses, with players also able to get an exclusive avatar for each platform they launch the game on.

The game will also launch on Steam and the Epic Games store later this year, but the developer of Hotta Studio claims that these platforms will be available later in the year. For the time being, PC players who wish to play Tower of Fantasy at the launch will have to go to the official site, presumably to access a standalone launcher for the cooperative game.

In the run-up to the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date, there are a lot of ongoing Genshin Impact events. You might also like the Zenless Zone Zero tuning test for Hoyoverses' take on a more sci-fi setting that starts its own beta in August.