The best PC 2022 city-building games

The best PC 2022 city-building games ...

Are you looking for the greatest PC city-building games in 2022? Its nothing more enjoyable than sitting down for an afternoon of city-building games with a hot beverage. Hundreds of hours have gone into lining up buildings exactly how we like them, or rushing to save a population on the verge of collapse. Sometimes we have deliberately brought about that collapse in order to see how our citizens would cope. Not as it is.

In case you're bored of plotting your urban expanses against a traditional backdrop, here's a list of the best management games that fits all of your needs, from hardcore town planners looking for a challenge to entryways that welcome genre newcomers with the promise of tutorials, stripped back interfaces, and few apocalyptic threats.

If your goal is to repopulate Earth, conquer new planets, or combat the congestion problem caused by commuters, this list of the best city-building games on PC will serve you well.

In 2022, here are the top city-building games for PC:

Tropico 6

El Presidente is returning to an archipelago where you can control/rule over many islands at the same time. All of this while coping with the economic demands of the island, the happiness of your citizens, and keeping paradise afloat on corrupt agreements with overseas friends.

Tropico 6 is all about securing a city that cant be satisfied all factions and residents, as problems arise from corrupt government officials that youll need to complete in order to achieve your overall goal, which changes with each scenario.

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Tropico 6 offers plenty of choices, but you can also expect severe consequences if you don't make the correct call. If a general election is looming, you'll have the choice to alter the figures or remain squeaky clean, but there's a tradeoff between losing the election and having to restart the level of internal factions.

The explosive presentation of Tropico 6 demonstrates just how much dedication and care you need to give to your regime in order to keep everyone happy, relatively speaking. Fortunately, the island setting makes it simple to keep an eye on your structures and notifications, whether it's spotting rebels roaming the streets or a group of shacks that has formed as a sign to build more houses for your residents.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony transports the humble city builder to a different world where youll face far more difficult problems than deciding where to build your roads. For starters, youll have to consider the hazards posed by all of the new space environments and the hostile environment.

Your primary objective is to rebuild humanity, not a new one, but a mission that involves adjusting to the environment, battling against constant natural disasters, a lack of oxygen (this is a big deal) and even alien lifeforms like gigantic sandworms.

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As the rest of the game follows suit, youll start off with small goals like building a water pump and progress to commanding a full-scale Starship Troopers-like army.

Aven Colony isnt just a city-building game; it also combines elements from the best 4X games and strategy games. There's also some light combat and a neat expeditions system that lets you uncover the planet's past.


Frostpunk is the sort of urban builder that will make you question your own morality over and over again. Your job is to survive a premature ice age in a sheltered steampunk-powered city that was left unfinished before the big freeze took hold. The city's central heating is dependent on a constant supply of fuel to keep your villagers safe and healthy.

Frostpunk is all about maintaining a city running efficiently, and your main concern is keeping the furnace fueled. Unlike other city builders, Frostpunk is about surviving rather than ruling, and its a constant juggling act to keep your new residents happy, while ensuring the city is stocked with food and the furnace is fully operational.

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Frostpunk, one of the greatest apocalypse games, isnt exactly a light-hearted city-building game. In this harsh tundra, death is inevitable and you must make plenty of tough decisions just to keep the city going. Instead of worrying about structure placement and how everything looks, you must make the laws that keep your citizens in check, gamble on risky expeditions, and occasionally be a criminal.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a game that combines survival and city building, but on the barren red planet rather than a frozen hellscape. As you explore Mars's dusty surface, you'll be equipped with all the equipment you need to build a functioning, happy city for colonists.

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Surviving Mars is a little harder to manage, as it requires a lot of effort to ensure citizens have access to oxygen and are protected against impending natural catastrophes, but Surviving Mars does a fantastic job of keeping you informed of your city's progress.

In this survival city builder, research and exploration play a major role, allowing you to dramatically improve the structures and facilities in your colony so that they match the Asimovian fantasy in your head. Plus, with a vibrant mod scene, there is no end to the bizarre sci-fi colonies you can imagine.

SimCity 4

The SimCity series has been around for a long time, and you can see how other city-building games borrowed from and improved on this immensely popular city building series. SimCity 4 was released in 2003, and although the game does not offer much new to the genre, it is still a rewarding and challenging contender.

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When you expand your city, like in Cities: Skylines, youll have only one objective: constructing your dream city. You can also invest the money to construct intricate roadway systems, more advanced architecture, and even world wonders. As you expand your city, youll receive notifications, which can be as you add new features or attract new residents.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a meteoric rise to fame. Whether you're a veteran town planner capable of handling practically any situation, or a newcomer to the genre, Cities: Skylines is undoubtedly the finest city-building game for both parties.

Cities: Skylines breaks down the majority of its buildings into residential, commercial, and industrial, letting you quickly construct a city while obsessing over the minor details. The key to being a mayor is how you balance the many needs of your citizens and each district.

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Cities: Skylines isn't a difficult program; it's just a matter of getting started, and if things go wrong, which they will invariably do, you'll never be depressed by the prospect of rebuilding your lives.

There's also a still-thriving mod scene packed with scenarios, new structures, and, more accurately, traffic solutions, so you can recreate any city in the world or attempt to solve LA's notorious traffic problem.

Anno 1800

As you transition to the modern world, Anno 1800 brings the city-building series back to its roots, positioning you as a company leader in the Industrial Revolution. Eventually, you can even attract tourists to one of your many museums or zoos as you deal with the logistical and social difficulties that come with such a seismic shift.

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Anno 1800 offers a wide range of gameplay modes, including campaign, multiplayer, and sandbox modes. There are a wide range of strategies to win Anno 1800, from acquiring wealth and investors to attracting visitors and establishing diplomatic ties, as you investigate your competitors and their world choices.

As you expand trade and expand your business town, youll need to keep your employees happy. Theres even a weekly newspaper that goes around reporting on population happiness across your city's successes and failures, helping to bring the industrial Revolution to life. While Anno 1800 certainly glazes over the harsh realities of the time, its difficult not to fall in love with its majestic views and charm.

Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath is a game set in a post apocalyptic world. You'll need to ensure your settlement can withstand natural disasters, bandits, and the creatures that roam the wild.

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In your quest to maintain your colony for as long as possible due to a lack of resources, youll have to make difficult decisions as you choose what to risk or sacrifice in order to survive. Your choices have an impact on your community as well as your ability to trade with other societies.

Romans: Age of Caesar

The Romans were among the best at city-building historically, and Romans: Age of Caesar is all about rebuilding the Roman Empire. This is a rather unusual type of city-building MMO, in that you're working with a group of up to 16 other players to construct and maintain your city, while countless others are trying to build their own cities as part of the empire as a whole.

As you play, you and the other players will gather resources so that you may improve your own city while protecting it from barbarian hordes, while strengthening trade routes and developing connections with other cities. It's a wonderful community to be a part of.