New episode details for Rick and Morty season 6 have been revealed

New episode details for Rick and Morty season 6 have been revealed ...

Season 6 of Rick and Morty is approaching, and so has been released a list of rather unusual episode titles.

ComicBook claims that this time, National Lampoon will be nods to their popular Christmas Vacation, Basic Instinct, and Full Metal Jacket.

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith receive hip-hip hooray (Clark Griswold deep-cut fans, enjoy).

'Bethic Twinstinct,' 'Ricktional Mortpoon's,'Full Meta Jackrick,'Final Destination,'A Rick in King Mortur's Mort, 'Solaricks,' 'Analyze Piss,' and 'Juricksic Mort' are some of the most well-known episode titles.

Season 6 of Rick and Morty has also released a formal synopsis revealing what we may expect.

"Pick up where we left them, poorer for wear and tear on their luck. Will they be able to continue on their journey? Or will they be swept up in an ocean of piss?"

Justin Roiland, the show's executive producer, said earlier this week that fans would be captivated by the latest adventures of schoolboy Morty and his boozy, space-traveling granddad.

"It really rewards viewers of the program who have been watching up to this point. So it's like, I think we're sort of re-infusing the rhythm of Rick and Morty.

"Second 6 is my opinion. Season 5 was not particularly bad, but season 6 is absolutely fantastic," he said.

Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim in the United States, and on E4 and All 4 in the United Kingdom.