Madden NFL 23: Ranking of the Top 10 Quarterbacks

Madden NFL 23: Ranking of the Top 10 Quarterbacks ...

In Madden NFL 23, it's hard to argue that a great quarterback doesn't directly contribute to victories. When constructing a team, starting with anything other than an elite quarterback is likely to be a mistake.

If the aim is to have fun, go ahead and pick a favorite team or position. No serious gamer will argue against games being a great time. But if the stakes are high and pride is on the line, Madden NFL 23 strongly encourages the use of one of these players. They'll be able to cover user mistakes and team weaknesses.

Matthew Stafford - 85 OVR

Matthew Stafford, a Super Bowl champion quarterback, barely made the Top Ten list, but it's understandable under the circumstances, as the Rams had a solid team, and Cooper Kupp became a household name.

Stafford's achievements should not be minimized. He had to do more than just defend himself. His 41 touchdowns were the second highest in the league, and he had the third most passing yards.

Russell Wilson - 87 OVR

The Broncos acquired Russell Wilson, a top-ten quarterback with plenty of gas in the tank. Time will tell whether the Seahawks cut ties too early or if the Broncos spent too much draft money.

Wilson would have been a nominee for MVP for injuries, having scored more touchdowns (25) than interceptions. Even if he's just average, the Broncos' fan base deserves some decent quarterback play. They haven't had much to cheer about since Manning retired.

Lamar Jackson - 87 OVR

If it weren't for injuries, there is a case to be made that the Baltimore Ravens would be in the thick of a dynasty right now. Unfortunately, this team has had to deal with serious injuries to key players, most of the time before the regular season begins.

Lamar Jackson is no exception, having missed a significant portion of the last season due to an injury. The Ravens now have to worry about his contract as well as his health. Here's hoping the issue resolves quickly.

Justin Herbert - 88 OVR

The Chargers' defense is as flashy as the game's cover art. It's evident that someone in upper management believes that improving on defense is all the Chargers need to do to make the playoffs. They probably believe that because Justin Herbert is their quarterback.

Herbert does have a few weapons to work with, but the majority of players on this list have a stronger supporting cast around them. Even so, Herbert surpassed 5,000 passing yards and was third in passing touchdowns.

Dak Prescott - 89 OVR

If Aaron Rodgers were not for him, experts would be nonstop raving about how intelligent Dak Prescott is with the ball. His interceptions are so small for the number of touchdowns he throws.

The Cowboys have lately been a team of incredible talent that fails to live up to their potential. That's not the fault of Prescott, who seems to thrive regardless of the rotating cast around him. With a little consistency and a quiet season from the usually lively rumor mill this year, Prescott and the Cowboys may make an impressive comeback.

Joe Burrow - 90 OVR

The Bengals will be on a similar journey to the Cincinnati Bengals as Madden NFL 23 seeks to expand its franchise mode. Despite winning the Super Bowl last year and leading for a good chunk of the game, it was clear that changes were needed for the Bengals to reclaim the championship.

Burrow was clobbered, hit, sacked, and rushed a record number of times last season. Cincinnati spent a lot of money on the offensive line to protect their most valuable player. Joe Burrow is one of the best with a bad offensive line, but it's frightening to think of what he'll accomplish with a good one.

Josh Allen - 92 OVR

The Buffalo Bills have been a popular pick to win the Super Bowl for the upcoming season. Between bad decisions and bad luck, this team was robbed of reaching new heights. The fan base can now rely on Josh Allen to keep them going.

Josh Allen is one of the finest quarterbacks around, capable of pursuing targets from close or far away. If he stays healthy, the Bills could win the Super Bowl. If he improves his game, they'll be a lock.

Patrick Mahomes - 95 OVR

Patrick Mahomes has shown that he's one of the most gifted players with the ball in his hands when it comes to predicting how players will be rated.

Mahomes is arguably one of the league's top quarterbacks, according to ratings adjusters. In addition to his arm, he also torches opponents with his legs.

Aaron Rodgers - 96 OVR

Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game, according to Madden NFL 22. He has won the last two MVP awards and is seemingly improving even as he enters a new phase of his career.

Rodgers' worth lies not necessarily in the raw statistics. His stats are excellent, but it's his four interceptions during the entire season last year that impressed analysts. His skill and precision with the ball is on a different level.

Tom Brady - 97 OVR

The ratings adjusters aren't convinced that Brady wasn't the better quarterback in the 2021-2022 season. And they want to establish himself in the top spot before the 2022-2023 season.

Brady is well-known for his GOAT reputation. He was also ranked in touchdowns (43) and passing yards (5,316) in the league. These things happen when you are also leading the league in pass attempts, but Brady made the most of them, even if the offense was one-dimensional.

Madden NFL 23 will be released on August 15th, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.